Type1ne - "Jordan Year 3" Review

Music is interesting in the aspect that sometimes it takes a while or some time to pass for a project to resonate with a listener. In this exclusive Music Mondays Review we broke down Type1ne's project "Jordan Year 3" and gave some closing thoughts after time has passed.


Type1ne's Sophomore album was released back in November of 2023. Looking back, I didn't realize how much this album would be stuck in my head. I knew it was great, but I realize now, it's almost all hits. From the relaxed flows to the deep thinking lyrics in other songs, to the entertaining skits within, Type makes sure to keep any interested listener into the project.

Bringing amazing producers and collaborators into the album, this young man continues to show why he should never be overlooked. If you're looking for music that makes your head bob and your brain think, Jordan Year 3 is something I believe you will enjoy.

To have a project give me the feelings that Drake's first project gave me, that feels like something super special, so if you're asking me, 2024 is Type1nes' year.

Stream "Jordan Year 3": open.spotify.com/album/5plZAwb1qfqwrIsOTNhWAi?si=Bt5gv8txQ8q6vMkM7Yb3aA 

Written By JAYD3D: linktr.ee/jaydedofficial