Sematary - "Huntin Wabbits" Review

Sematary and BLP Kosher are a flawless duo the underground never knew it needed, Music Mondays dove into their recent collaboration "Huntin Wabbits" and its most certainly one you can't miss. 


In this MM article we're diving into Semetary and BLP Koshers new single “Huntin Wabbits”. The long awaited collaboration from these two dropped about five days ago at the time of this writing. 

Off rip, we are greeted with a very sinister keyboard straight from the crypt as Semetary gives us his usual call outs and  “Haunted Mound” tags. Nothing less than the usual, a good starting flow to get us started, then we are thrown the fuck back by a mess of modulated and distorted bass, snappy snares and rapid hi hats. The delivery from Semetary is super reminiscent of Chief Keefs early days, violent and intense followed by a break up of semi melodic vocals. Followed shortly by bar after bar delivered in his classic flow- Kosher understood the assignment. 

Personally, I got into Haunted Mound within this last year and have been watching Kosher closely since his “Jew On The Canoe” video. This collab just made sense. I can’t explain why, but I suppose if you have followed both of these guys you would feel the same. Kosher finishes up his rap-Olympian feat and lets Sematary wrap it up with the hook, beat fades out and the ride is over. All in all I fucking loved this track, like I mentioned earlier this just made sense. There's very few artists that excite me right now and these two just took me back to a place in my teen days. So as a fan I ask for an album, a project, something to satiate this hunger I’m left with, maybe we will see more. The fact of the matter is, these two took this beat and ran with it. Of course you all know Semetary and if you don’t, Northern Californian-Chief Keef with a backwoods country twist as well as the founder of the legendary Haunted Mound. Kosher, a Florida native who’s ready to show the world that artists like lil dicky are not the only Jewish rappers in the space. Be sure to check this track out, be prepared to have this in your daily rotation and just about any hype playlist you have.

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