GAUZ3Y - "Eternal Rest" Review

Arizona is filled with all types of creative individuals and very few are as rare as Alternative-Hip-Hip artist GAUZ3Y. We broke down his latest single "Eternal Rest" along with some rare lore behind this west coast artist in this exclusive Music Mondays article.


Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona artist and producer GAUZ3Y has been making waves in 2023. I met him in November of 2022 when I was working security for Oni Inc. “DEAD ANGELS” tour. Upon hearing GAUZ3Y's live set, I was for sure taken back by the quality and subsequently the rather lack of mass attention on this artist. Since meeting I’ve spoken and worked with GAUZ3Y a ton and I’ve come to the conclusion that they simply don’t make them like him ever. Heavy hitting and mellow when he needs to be, GAUZ3Y is a one stop shop that has a range of sound and genres under his belt. 

Right off the bat we are met with a crunchy, heavy metal guitar riff, a good couple of producer tags and GAUZ3Y talking ALL of the shit. I’m immediately reminded of older City Morgue tracks, grimy delivery, vocals and lyrics. The hook is as infectious as you could imagine - "WOOO!" Now the first verse is very much a call out and I am a huge fan of proper shit talking. Following a wrap around back into the hook, we're then we are treated to a machine gun flow with a syllable count to make your head spin. After another hook we calm down into a phenomenal vocal sample that helps drive the intensity of the track. Another hook, then a variation with a bit more of a chant feel. To be so honest this version of GAUZ3Y made my entire day. I love his more mellow and sinister stuff, but this dude captures a well rounded sound and adds to it. I’m glad to have met this GAUZ3Y and call him my friend, I’m more than happy to be here for the excellence he exudes. You can catch him online everywhere doing his damn thing and be sure to cop a piece of merch.

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