hibradn Interview

Music Mondays is always on the hunt for the next potential underground extraordinaire and this week we sat down with an alternative vocalist known as hibradn. We discussed everything from early roots to their artistic process and creative inspirations.


Zomb: So let’s hop right into it, where are you from and how old are you?

hibradn: I am from upstate new york and Im 17 years old. I started making music at 15 years old.

Zomb: Damn, started super early in your teen years I see. What has New York been like for you? How were your early years and growing up there?

hibradn: it was a pretty typical childhood, my family and friends constantly played all types of music around me from alt rock to country and hip hop, which is where i think i get my love for music and my versatility.

Zomb: Always positive. Which actually brings me to my next question, who were some of your favorite artists growing up and who do you remember listening to a lot?

hibradn: up until i was 12 i mainly listened to a bunch of alt rock bands like three days grace, beartooth, five finger death punch and breaking benjamin, i listen to practically everything and anything genre wise.

Zomb: Open book for sure, that’s definitely a good stack. When did you initially get into creating your own music? When was the first time you started creating?

hibradn: before i started recording i started writing music at 13, then my friend put me onto an app where i could record music through my phone. So for about a year or more I recorded my first song and you can still find it on my old yt channel.

Zomb: That’s actually so sick, so many people over the last few years I’ve spoken with have started on their phone. So after that point did you keep recording? What was the next step for you?

hibradn: it was more of not only networking myself but also upgrading my equipment. which is what i did, i got a mic and a laptop and taught myself how to mix and met other people that also made music.

Zomb: That’s amazing you kept it pushing. So you upgraded the setup and kept networking, at what point did you decide to take things more seriously? Did you have a stage name at that point?

hibradn: ive used bradn for a little bit but fully changed it to hibradn last year. I've been taking it seriously since the start of my career. I know I have a passion for music and know that it's the best passion for me.

Zomb: Something you don’t hear often in this space is how passionate and dead set people are early on, that’s definitely refreshing. When did you publish your first release? How old were you at the time?

hibradn: when i first turned 17 back in february my friend let me use their distribution site so i could put my music on all plats. and since then i bought my own membership in order to distribute my music.

Zomb: Damn big shout out to the homies, it seems like you had a solid road up till now. So let’s talk about creating and the process. You've put out music so consistently in 2023 but how long does it take you to create a song you’re satisfied with? Tell us a little bit about your process.

hibradn: Typically i either just freestyle the songs i make or i write it, normally i make a song every other day, and depending on what i want to make genre wise i make whatever i want to since i listen to so much music.

Zomb: The consistency and repetition is so key. What are some of your favorite songs you’ve released or worked on up until this point? If you had to pick.

hibradn: Id say either watching me with v4nity or soft love solely because I have such an emotional connection to those songs, and those songs will always have a special place in my heart

Zomb: That’s what it’s all about, let’s shift over to your artwork for a second. You have not only consistent releases but your artwork has a certain theme among them. What is the lore behind some of your cover art?

hibradn: Most of the time when it comes to covers or art i normally don't overthink it. Normally I use an aesthetic where its very simplistic designs with some of them being connected to ghosts or death. It's more of a preference thing when it comes to covers, just so it looks neat and pleasing to the eye. The only time i don't use that aesthetic in my songs is when my great friend  slanted ever wants to make a cover for me, he's really talented and i suggest people look into him cuz he's underrated

Zomb: Extremely well said, I completely agree. You mentioned earlier that your early stage name was bradn but later changed to hibradn. What was the thought process behind that change, tell us a little bit about your stage name.

hibradn: I honestly just preferred the name to be honest i thought just bradn and hibradn themselves as stage names are very simplistic which is what i was looking for, if i overthink about my stage name then I'm not gonna focus on the music itself.

Zomb: Right right, especially if you’re already comfortable with it. So we’re currently in July 2023 in the middle of the summer, what are some of your plans for the summer and the rest of the year? Anything we should be on the lookout for?

hibradn: Mainly just a lot of collabs and normal music being released weekly, maybe one more Ep by the end of the year but no huge plans

Zomb: Awesome, definitely will keep our eyes peeled. We spoke a bit about your passion and confidence in music but what are some of your ultimate goals with music and art? Tell us the true meaning of what you want from hibradn.

hibradn: Honestly this year I've just been trying to show off my versatility and make my songs more relatable to the average person in order to cement my name into the community and show that I'm going to succeed with my music. I want people to be able to use my music as a coping mechanism but a way to make money doing something i enjoy, because the more i enjoy music the less the money will matter.

Zomb: Extremely well said, it’s insane how spot on you are with the mindsets of every aspect of creating. Who are some of your favorite people to work with outside of your solo music? Are there any artists you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

hibradn: In the future hopefully i can work with bigger artists like funeral, ericdoa, twikipedia and other artists in that part of the community but for right now I want to work with visions, reef, rans0m and weial, they're hella goated and id make good songs with them, but i collaborate with everyone and anyone so I'm fine with anything.

Zomb: We definitely need to push for those, that’s such a stacked list. One of the last questions I have for you, outside of music what keeps you sane? What are some things you enjoy when you aren’t creating?

hibradn: Normally I just go outside and hangout with friends mainly, i do things that not only calm me down but also affect my mental state in a positive manner.

Zomb: Definitely the way to go my friend. If you could change one thing about the underground scene, what would it be?

hibradn: I'd say make it easier to promote  music in different ways since most people don't know how to promote their music properly, i don't really promote my music normally.

Zomb: Wow that’s a solid answer, love that idea. My last question for you is who are your top 5 favorite artists/groups? No specific order.

hibradn: Id say brakence, endie, kurtains, dc the don, and zillakami

Zomb: Now that’s a STACKED list, love the variety. Since we’re about to log off do you have any last words of motivation or shoutouts? The floor is yours.

hibradn: I'd like to shoutout my main supporters and best friends, slanted, vaynes, kitsu, and romi, they've been my friends since i've been in the community and couldn't be more thankful for them being in my life, i'd like to thank you for letting me on the platform, it's much appreciated. I'd say to anyone going through anything, keep doing things that make you happy because that's the goal in life itself.

Zomb: Wise words from a young talented legend, much love to you for taking time to sit down with us. We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes open for new work.

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Written By Zomb Slays: linktr.ee/ZombSlays