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In this exclusive Music Mondays interview we sat down with a very special guest residing in Las Vegas, Nevada known as KILLFI$H. We spoke about his musical endeavors, live underground events and the meaning behind it all. 


LORDHERETIC: Hello once again, boys and girls, I’m here tonight with a very good friend of mine! Artist and Las Vegas resident KILLFI$H, someone who has been making big waves recently in the Vegas scene and on the Music Mondays radar for quite some time. How are we doing today Mr. Fish?

KILLFI$H: Hell ya! Im doing pretty good dude. Ive been just working on making music and doing promo for shows along with other stuff

LH: Glad to hear it! So we will get into the promo and shows and of course the music shortly. But to begin for those reading who may not know, who exactly is KILLFI$H?

KF: KILLFI$H is I xd. Honestly it's just a name I've been going by for a couple years, I used to be in punk bands and my gamertag was fish. It just made sense to incorporate my gamertag (which is what most ppl knew me as), into my name when I was thinking of "rap names" xd

LH: Ah I see, a sort of transition of monikers. So tell us about yourself a little, were you born in Las Vegas? What was growing up like?

KF: I was born in Vegas yes, however when I was 6 months old my mom moved me down to live in Costa Rica. There was a few times throughout the years were I would come up and visit Vegas (and even a short time when I did live here) but I wouldn't say I moved back here until 2021. Growing up was interesting, everyone has trouble spots and no one's childhood is perfect, there were definitely ups and downs. Growing up I was really into punk and metal so I used to play in a lot of bands and for the longest time that was the way I vented all my frustrations and troubles, honestly that hasn't changed much only difference is now I do it under KILLFI$H

LH: Quite the origin story! It’s always the most interesting backgrounds that lead to such a unique path taken music wise. It’s funny you mention playing on bands, that actually leads to what I wanted to ask you next. So I did know prior that you came from a punk background, so what caused the switch in focus?

KF: The reason I switched from being in bands to doing everything solo was because the band I was in right before quarantine broke up. I was hella devastated and crushed when it happened because we were just starting to get things going. Right afterwards the big lockdown hit so I was stuck inside with not much to do. It was at that time I started branching out and listening to new music and I found artists such as X, Peep, and sewerperson. From there I realized that punk had changed in my eyes, punk too me in that moment was no longer about distorted guitars and shitty baselines but instead it was about the emotion. Because my band broke up I was left with two choices In my eyes, I could wait til lockdown ended and start a new band and hope that one doesn't breakup or, I could start something new, something completely different from what I've done before. Mainly I chose the latter because I was sick of depending on people, honestly that's the same reason I produce myself aswell xd

LH: As someone who also played in bands growing up, you’re absolutely fucking correct. In my opinion, it’s worth the journey to get things done yourself, which your music career so far has shown.  And honestly dude, setting me up so nicely for this next question thank you. You mentioned you are self produced, are there any tips for anyone looking to become a one stop shop artist? Anything that you particularly love or hate about doing it all yourself?

KF: There are so many little tips and tricks I've learned over the years but I think the main one Is to learn that it's ok to get frustrated. Sometimes the song your trying to make won't come out sounding the way you want it to and that's ok. Part of being a self dependent artist is understanding how to take your frustrations and recycle them into art. As frustrating as it can be sometimes I love being my own producer and audio engineer, the best part about it is I don't have to worry about someone else making me sound the way I want to sound. On the flip side though it's also a lot of pressure because all the onus is on you to make yourself sound good. Honestly I'll take that pressure though because no matter how frustrating it is, the freedom of defining your own sound is definitely worth it.

LH: It’s a doubled edged sword forsure. Fortunately though it sounds like the good outweighs the bad in the end. So I wanted to go a little past the method and get more into the entertainment aspect of it all. I’m sure people have caught on by now, at least in Las Vegas, that KILLFI$H is known for diy punk like all ages shows that recently have become not only a staple but a well known staple at this point. As the underground changes and the local scene of Vegas with it, what are some of the things you do to help stand out in the entertainment capital of America? Do you think it’s harder than most other cities or have you found a home field advantage?

KF: Honestly I think it's hard to start a scene anywhere and especially harder to keep that scene going. Out here the main two scenes we're aware of is the hardcore scene and FTC, both are very interesting in their own rights but we felt like there needed to be a space for Trap Metal and Alternative Rap to stretch it's wings and that's what we're hoping to do with our "MOSH 2 DEATH" shows. The idea right now is to keep the shows free and hopefully give a space to perform to some artists that might not have gotten the opportunity otherwise. There are so many amazing artists in Vegas so we felt like it was a necessity to try to shine a spotlight on them

LH: A very noble cause, one that I’m sure newcomers and underground veterans alike can get behind. As someone who’s personally witnessed these shows, it’s truly reminiscent of a time a handful of years ago when a lot of bigger artists were just starting out and there was so much more freedom to express yourself. So of course with all that said, it does bring a question to mind- is this all fall on the shoulders of our favorite Fish? Or is there a team that helps tackle the imposing task of booking an entertaining show?

KF: I shoulder a lot of the responsibility because I'm in charge of booking the venue, money keeping, and sound on the night of the show. Luckily I don't have to do it all alone though because of my homies Deadshøt and 8radlee. Before any artist is allowed on to the show I screen it with them before hand and they are amazing at helping to make sure that everything goes according to plan the night of the shows. 8radlee also helps a lot by bringing his own personal fans to cool down the venue because we know from being avid show goers ourselves that there's nothing worse than a hot ass venue

LH: A lot for one dude to handle but at least you got good friends to help out. It’s definitely makes all the detail planning that much smoother when you have people you can count on for quality control. And that brings me to my next question, I’ve noticed the mention of “The Usual Suspects” who are they and when did you all meet?

KF: The usual suspects is the group name Rxtro picked for us. We're not a collective or anything we're just homies who make music together. The group consists of myself, 8radlee, Deadshøt, and Rxtro. I first met deadshøt because he was performing on a show I was performing on hosted by Oni. I liked his music so I invited him over to work on a song one day before the show and we've been homies ever since. I met 8radlee in passing a lot of times but didn't start to actually hang out with him until after a show an ex-friend of ours threw. Me and Deadshøt were performing on the show and 8radlee and Rxtro where there in support. Afterwards we just started to hang out with him and his best friend Rxtro. All these guys are my best friends and I love them all to death

LH: You are going to make me tear up with all this cute ass shit Jesus Christ. Seriously though, it’s so important to have friends and people in your life that you can genuinely have that connection with. Coming into our last couple questions of the evening, I know that you are quite outwardly straight edge and not afraid to say it. So I must ask a couple things, was it something you decided on in your past or did drug use never appeal to you? And to expand on that, does it provide any difficulty maneuvering in a rap forward environment surrounded by such an abundance in such activities?

KF: Honestly drug use just never appealed to me. Because of a lot of issues with parental figures in my life, I always knew growing up I would never wanna do drugs of any kind. Shortly afterwards I found the straight edge movement through bands such as Earth Crisis, Harms Way, and Minor Threat. I was always picked on for not doing drugs but in a weird way that just drove me and cemented my decision even more. It definitely does come with it's burdens when trying to navigate in the rap scene because drug use is so prominent. Along with being straight edge I happen to be allergic to smoke of any kind. When people smoke in venues or around me my lungs can't inhale normally and start to itch like crazy. That's definitely been an issue for me because smoking is so prominent at shows and in social settings.

LH: if we keeping it creamy that might just be the most punk shit I have ever heard. And props to you for not only looking out for your health but also stick to your core values and beliefs, it’s admirable to see someone so dedicated. To wrap things up, I know you also have a project coming soon, care to speak on that?

KF: Yessir, at this upcoming show I'm going to be selling a new mixtape I've been working on called "I WEEP FOR NONE". The premise behind the project is a reflection of who I am as a person and how empathy can be the death of us. Im trying a weird rollout method for this mixtape however. All the songs are on the physical mixtape that I will be selling at shows however over the course of the year I will be dropping these songs as singles on digital platforms (approx 2 a month). So if you wanna get your hands on it early you gotta come to a show. The next single of the project is dropping on the 18th then after that I'm dropping a song of the project featuring your favorite hairy interviewer... THE LORD OF HERETICS HIMSELF.... LORD HERETIC

LH: Aw stop imma blush. But seriously, aside from potential bias, it’s a project that I’m very excited to get into and potentially review. One of my favorite thing an artist can do is have such a relatable subject influencing a project. Well unfortunately our time has come to an end, but before we go is there anything else you would like to add? Any shout outs?

KF: Shout-out to Jesus Christ my lord and savior jk. Honestly shout-out to 8radlee for being the coolest dude, Deadshøt for being the grime king, Rxtro for being to best beard in the game, Oni for always being so dope and sick, and you for being one of the best rappers I know honestly

LH: Praise be to god. Man thank you! And thank you so much for being here, you can catch my man KILLFI$H in Las Vegas and abroad every now and then giving S tier performances and throwing some of the best shows I’ve seen. Be sure to look out for his upcoming project and get a sticker and a poster at the next MOSH 2 DEATH show! And I’ll be back here on Music Mondays to give you guys more on the current underground!

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