plane_walker - "the_slaughterhouse_at_billy_b's" Review

In this exclusive Music Mondays article, we discuss plane_walker's recent project "the_slaughterhouse_at_billy_b's" and break down each track on this one of a kind project from a notorious duo. 

Hi my name is LORDHERETIC and I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Unfortunately for you all, the good people over at Music Mondays decided to let me review plane_walker 's (Navvvi & LordDistortion) newest offering “the_slaughterhouse_at_billy_b’s”

I hope you all enjoy the review and be sure to follow the artists AND Music Mondays everywhere. Now let’s get into this album.

The project Starts with a track titled “idk_”. Beginning with a rap forward assault accompanied by an electronic melody reminiscent of video game soundtracks. na and dis trade verses seamlessly- both artists switch up styles and continually give the listeners lyricism at a good quick pace.

Following up an excellent intro, “rusty_musket” offers an Eerie trap beat with nicely placed glitch fx. Leading into Super dark rap, both of these dudes are trading off nightmare flows. Na giving more of a loud approach with an almost disrespectful tone, dis gives a very chilling whisper and monotone cadence.


First must say, “lipgloss_creampie” is an Excellent trap beat selection on these guys' part. Couldn’t really tell who was who- chalk it up to being a silly little guy- they both haunted the track with creepy ass whisper flows and broke it up perfectly with a couple falsetto bars and finished it with a voice not unlike satan himself.

“lot_lizard” Carrie’s an Ethereal ass beat, menacing energy and an excellent contrast of styles. Def felt like they were flexing an experimental muscle- a soundtrack to derelict activity. Loved the start of dis gave allowing na to follow up with a calm but menacing offering of sexual lyrics. Both finished up with some good old confident bars.

“enema_milkbath” is a Personal favorite of mine and the first single from the album. Na brings aggressive ass lyrics into almost black metal vocals. Dis follows up with a 2 tone whisper cadence immediately into hardcore/slam lyrics and back into a nasally fuck everybody end. In my honest opinion, this is a stand out track and a testament to the project as a whole.

“tumbleweed_freestyle” is Immediately reminiscent of older trap metal- complete with a melody that’s just good horror style keyboard. Very surprised when it goes into dis rapping over a boom bap drum pattern. Phenomenal rapping backed by what I can only describe as the nastiest gutturals I’ve heard. Na follows with some impressive flow and lyricism with a similar formula- but more of a punk backing vocal.

“certified_boy_lover” is a special treat- Car door sounds give way to a soft melody that reminds me of the cloud rap era. Super fucking surprised to b greeted by an auto tune melody that sounds like it came from dis. Na follows with a very explicit and almost mumble delivery and finishes off with a good loud and beautiful auto tune. Very obviously meant to be a sexy love song or very well could just be a carnal telling of what the mind wants in times of horny.

Overall, I think this is a solid offering to the underground from 2 of its heaviest hitters. I would recommend to anyone looking for raw rap, high energy rage to let steam off or to be pleasantly surprised with quality variety and an ear for an experimental treat. Honest rating would be an 8.7, maybe a solid 9.1 out of 10. Nothing to keep this from the realm of what I perceive to be perfect, but I personally would have liked to have seen a little more rage. But with that said, na and dis came together for a side project/band approach and I came out of the 7 track journey with my fix for good music and was left with a hunger for so much more. Both artists belong to legendary collective mercenaries, and both have plenty to offer in their respective solo catalogs as well as work with their collective members and with each other.

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