KingMarc - "Take Care Of It" Review

KingMarcs “Take Care Of It” is the definition of why platforms like Music Mondays are important. In this exclusive article we break down an unlikely collaboration between two artists and why every artist should be open to every collaboration that comes their way.


Take Care Of It opens up with an ambiance like you’re in a tunnel of 2010’s nostalgia. Jordan Andrew’s production is recognizable upon the first key and the journey you’re about to embark on is like no other. 

Marc's hook kicks off and as a listener you’re greeted with a cadence that instantly captivates you while simultaneously relaxing to a refined Jordan Andrew instrumental. Marc’s first hook doesn’t disappoint but the first verse hits you like a tidle wave riddled with simple punchlines and rhyme schemes. Marc is no stranger to being honest and as our second hook finishes it’s last lyric we’re greeted with a second verse like none other and it proves this track is one that elevates kingmarc lyrically, vocally and aesthetically. 

We finish this track with another reminder of why this hook is the king of this song and a slow outro of slowed KingMarc vocals. I’m very excited to see where KingMarc goes in 2024 and this was a magnificent sneak peek at what Marc has planned for the new year. 

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