kaspergem - "i would" Review

Sometimes an artists vocals will hit you in a certain way that is truly unforgettable, the topic of this weeks MM written article is exactly that. We broke down kasper gem's recent track "i would" along with the multitude of feelings a track like this can bring you.


  With a signature sound that grows more solidified with each release, and a voice that I just can't get over, Kasper Gem is one of the most exciting, and curiously nostalgic artists I’ve listened to- an aspect of his art that just became evident to me when I played his new track ‘i would’. 

The song features some of Gem’s best lyrics, and just incredible production from  frequent 1c and Witchgang collaborator Mag, as well as from producer tgwog. There are two key aspects of the new Kasper Gem that makes me feel nostalgic, the instrumental, and then also his overall consistency of his flow. 

Nostalgia fascinates me, especially in this internet age that most of us were essentially born into. I feel like the longer the internet has been around the more it has changed our relationship to nostalgia, because if not for the web and the cultures encompassed in it, I swear I would not be nostalgic for sounds from just 3-4 years ago. The same thing happens elsewhere on the internet too with mid-2010s nostalgia being apparent since the start of the 2020s. 

 Kasper Gem is undoubtedly mastering his craft, and has come a long way in growing his sound, but the way he has also stayed consistent in that sound has fostered intense nostalgia for me whenever he drops, nostalgia for the earlier days of this scene. This absolutely is helped by Mag and tgwog creating a synth backed atmosphere akin to any blxty track circa 2020. This is overall one of my new favorite Gem songs, I really love the lines he drops throughout like, 

“I'm not used to everyone, I see through you just like mist

I told her if I ever missed you, if I missed you I would...

I can't ever kiss you & if I kissed you I would…” and, “look at my reflection in your glasses, I look cold

I think that we just passed by the exit to go home

mashing buttons, can't press them I’m just guessing what I wrote”

At the end of the day this is just classic Kasper Gem, and this will be a classic song, at least for me, meaning I can probably expect to feel newfound nostalgia towards it in no more than 4 years time.

Stream i would: soundcloud.com/kaspergem/i-would?si=c4406a721aae4c5d9939933b0b79ee4a&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing 

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Written By Em Bishoff: twitter.com/emofc_