2022 Year In Review

2022 was an amazing year for music and more importantly underground music. Music Mondays Staff Writer Rei Low gave some words on a series of highlights during 2022. Don't miss this exclusive recap straight from the mind of Rei Low. 


A spotlight shined on the underground this year. TikTok played a vital role in blowing up Yeat’s career, propelling the Slayworld member from Soundcloud to the cover of Spotify playlists, and he later appeared on the cover of Complex this year. Carti was seemingly redeemed from his last year Christmas drop “Whole Lotta Red”, which was divisive amongst fans of his earlier cloud rap. WLR introduced the world to F1lthy, and his tag (wake up F1lthy) was inescapable this year in the underground. 

The 100 gecs album didn’t drop but Jane Remover went on tour, and brakence released a classic for the online scene. leastfavorite garnered attention with an immersive rollout. 

Artists DJ Re:Code, dynastic, and Jedwill are beginning to lead a new wave of pop music, rooted firmly in the online sphere. The latter seems to be running the Soundcloud twitter account, but these are only speculations. 

SURF GANG broke up and dropped their last project, and Rural Internet followed up escape room with an impressive collection of industrial-rap. William Crooks continued his streak of unskippable albums by putting out Running as fast as I can. And umru, Kai Whiston, girl_irl, and Iglooghost all dropped, and they’re continuing to lead the avante-garde industrial pop sound. 

In Atlanta, Popstar Benny and his collaborators are making waves, defining the new sound of the city. Jelani Imani dropped “imaniwrld”, and DvDx put out his debut album “Sensory Overload” then went on tour with Kenny Mason. Kenny Mason dropped “RUFFS” in which Kenny continues to systematically crush every style of beat he gets on. 

Dance music was thrust back into the limelight this year, and Eldia artists like Swami Sound, dirtybird, age01 and dazegxd make a huge impact in the underground. Daze spawned a legion of imitators on Tiktok, as they posted video game inspired house music overlaid by nostalgic Jet Set Radio gameplay. SUBKVLT continued toeing the line between industrial and dance, and the whole label’s sound design and aesthetic is cutting edge. 

Written By Rei Low: twitter.com/_rocktimist