WRTHLESS - "2000 Cans" Review

Self proclaimed hamiltonwest-emo-punk band WRTHLSS has been on a roll in 2023. We recently reviewed their latest single "2000 Cans" and this is a track you need to hear from this Glasgow, Scotland based crew.


Well folks it’s been quite a while since I’ve put together a review but what better place to start than this banger?

Local Glasgow band WRTHLESS have been putting in some amount of work over the past few years and it shows. Stumbled across the promos for this one on TikTok and they’ve certainly shown they’re a force to be reckoned with in the ‘tv sample over a mathy intro’ crowd. Maybe I’ve just got a soft spot for this specific brand of emo but all I know is I can’t wait to hear what’s coming next.

2000 Cans starts out with a twinkly riff that builds into a hard hitting verse that calls back to the pop punk of the early 2010s but still manages to stay fresh. The drums pack a punch throughout with complex fills scattered across the track to keep your focus and beef up the sound. On top of all of this sits the catchy vocals bringing that hint of a Scottish accent, that I’ve always got a soft spot for, and weaving an excellent narrative. The mix/master on the track is clean and makes sure everything hits hard.

This one officially releases 15/09/2023 on all platforms and has me looking forward to what else is to come from these lads.

You can catch them at the linked socials below and save the track at the distro link.

Follow WRTHLESS: fanlink.to/WrthlessMusic 

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Written By wtrflls: twitter.com/wtrflls