777Fury & Mikal Jones - "S.O.S" Review

In this exclusive Music Mondays article we dive into some familiar faces and a brand new project. 777Fury & Mikal Jones have been an unstoppable duo in independant underground hip-hop and we sat down to review their latest collaborative project titled "S.O.S"

Hello again boys and girls, my name is LORDHERETIC and in this article I will be reviewing a project I honestly couldn’t wait to get into. It comes by way of two long time friends of mine, 777FURY and Mikal Jones collaborative project “S.O.S” which stands for “Sick Of Sinning”

No Time To Die leads the project into a sound very familiar if you’re a fan of FURY and Mikal. If you’re not, get hip. In my opinion, this track is very representative of the sound these guys have crafted together. Big bass, snappy drums, and a psychedelic melody chopped up by DJ/Producer Mikal Jones. And of course FURY gives us his signature layered vocals riddled with punchlines and wordplay that could only come from a true student of the craft.

Karo (Pop Out) slows it down just a little bit- following a very similar energy as the former, the melody is syncopated bells accompanied by snapshot snares with what reminds me of club bass. FURY comes out the gate with a catchy hook that gives way to a raspy verse full of shit talking and devious acts, something that I believe makes the chemistry work in such a familiar but fresh way. 

Next we have Watch My Bacc. At first it almost sounds like hold music- then the melody and drums come out the water full force into a machine gun flow. A telling of real life and motivation in times of strife, FURY delivers his flows and energy with such ease it makes one wonder if such talents could be attained without the pain. But a lot of us know- great art comes from great pain and FURY and Mikal make it known on this one.

The title track “Sick of Sinning" (SOS) begins with FURY mumbling along to the encroaching melody.  Melody super reminiscent of Japanese pop- but with such a sinister Delivery it’s almost sobering. A major energy switch but still in line with the previous tracks. At this point I want to drink and smoke and really consume FURYs words. Speaking on the bullshit of life in Vegas and false friendships, I could only imagine FURY wrote this with the intent to show where he comes from. A rough place, doing rough things and having rough emotions trying to survive physically and mentally thru reality while the forces that be toss him lessons in the form of hard times.

Continuing the somber direction we have found ourselves, Run (Troubled Waters) brings a very ethereal melody from the spirit world over soft snares and a heavy bass that doesn’t over power any part of this track. FURY is letting his heart show, something that I personally am a huge fan of. While he strays from a higher energy and faster delivery, he doesn’t sacrifice his craft in any sense. Describing God as a woman- which she is, fuck off and fight me about it- he tells what she tells him, which is to run from the troubled waters and find land. To me, a concept left to the listener to find meaning in.

Following with a bit more of a prominent melody, Do You (Hate Me Now) switches directions back to an energy we found in the first couple tracks of this project. The classic layered delivery, the menacing melody and snappy drums all come back as FURY still lets his vulnerable side show. A love song riddled with self doubt and tellings of substance abuse. A track that I feel is written from past experience, but you would have to ask the man himself. Personally my favorite from this project, I’m a bit biased truthfully enough because it reminds me of the music FURY was making when I first met him back in 2018, a story for another time.

Finishing with I Fell in Love With a Spectre this one is a special treat. Melody and bass creeping from behind your eardrums, a sharp snare leads into a spilling of the heart. Not one of my favorite types of tracks if we are keeping it creamy, it is a special one nonetheless. The delivery sounds like writing this hurt, cadence sounds like FURY has been beaten down by the bullshit of life- whether it’s love, loss, addiction or any other affliction of existence. If one listens close, they can hear a fun syncopated drum behind the pain, maybe a rat of hope for FURY and for all of us. In my opinion, an excellent offering and a perfect end to such an amazing project from these guys. 

Alright, so after a complete listen and finally being able to write about it, this just might be my favorite project from FURY and Mikal. I said in the beginning, if you’re not hip do so now. If this is the first time you listened to them, they have so much more back logged and planned for you all. I give this project a heavy 9.4, about as perfect as it could get for my ear. Only thing I can honestly bitch about is the lack of lyrics available to read along with the songs, but you can just listen close and multiple times as I did. A solid offering from one of my favorite rappers and a legendary producer, i for one am beyond excited for what the future holds for these guys. You can find their respective catalogs everywhere, be sure to follow them both in the links below and be sure to tune in to everything Music Mondays is offering weekly.

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