uuelz - "wait and bleed" Review

Music Mondays has never been shy to Alternative Trap and uulez is arguably a frontrunner of the subgenre. This exclusive article breaks down the finest parts of one of uulez latest tracks "wait and bleed" and everything in-between.


Uuelz is back with another hard-hitting banger in “wait and bleed” (featuring rapper Blood Money), delivering an energetic vocal performance over a menacing trap beat by producer Gentle Beats. As his ‘eturno’ project continues to grow and evolve track-by-track over the past four months, currently sitting at six songs in length, “wait and bleed” marks his first standalone release since “hang ten” featuring Silvva. The production is a departure from the maximalist production that has characterized many of his recent releases, consisting of a sparse piano melody and synthesizer pad over a standard trap drum pattern, allowing Uuelz and Blood Money to be at the forefront of the mix– especially Uuelz, singing through a myriad of effects and layering his vocals in his perpetually unique style.

Uuelz delivers an exceptionally catchy hook; his songwriting, airtight flow, and distinctive delivery are the highlights of nearly every song that he is a part of, which remains the case with “wait and bleed”. He continues the captivating cadence throughout his verse, rapping in a higher-than-usual vocal register throughout the length of the song and never missing the mark. His experimentation makes me curious as to how this song would sound in the context of a full-length project of the same style, icy vocals over minimalist trap production.  Directly after, the featuring artist Blood Money delivers an extremely tough verse, said by the artist himself (on Twitter) to be a freestyle. His baritone voice offers a pleasant contrast with Uuelz’ trill, bringing to mind the drawl of Goth Money rapper Kane Grocerys. While his flow and delivery are more direct and traditional, they’re smooth; if this is a freestyle, then he possesses an exceptional innate talent, as he finds several different pockets of the beat throughout his thirty-second verse that all fit like a glove. The song falls into one last repetition of the hook before it closes with a brief instrumental section.

Uuelz always delivers, and this track is no exception. Gentle Beats’ production and Uuelz’ vocals fit tighter than Lego blocks, much like the artists' tracks with familiar producers like Sixtythree. He finds a great vocal contrast on “wait and bleed” with the featured artist Blood Money– this song could have lacked variety with Uuelz’ hook and verse having the same vocal inflection, but the two different styles complement each other rather than clash. I am looking forward to Uuelz’ upcoming full-length releases, such as ‘the dose’ and the long-awaited ‘autre’ with Mikeytrademark, and I’m curious to see if he will explore a style in the vein of this track throughout the length of an EP or tape. Either way, it’s gonna be a great year for Uuelz fans. 

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Written By xoarctic: twitter.com/xoxoarctic