Top 10 Albums Of 2022

Music Mondays Staff Curator wtrflls has had a wonderful knack for underground music since their inception in the scene. wtrflls decided to provide us with their top 10 albums of 2022 in no particular order based on their own preferences. From the undergrounds finest artists to more popular acts, this is a list is a must read if you're looking for a good scope on underground projects and albums in 2022.


Quadeca - I Didn’t Mean To Haunt You 

Before this dropped my awareness of Quadeca was the guy dropping funnies on Hivemind vids but god damn this album is a masterpiece, really loved the whole thing. 

Favorite Tracks: tell me a joke, fantasyworld 

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Lorna Shore - Pain Remains 

Another band I wasn’t really familiar with before this year but this album just absolutely rips, heaviest shit I’ve listened to in a minute.

Favorite Tracks: Sun//Eater, Wrath 

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Tiny Moving Parts - Tiny Moving Parts 

Used to be big into this type of mathy, emo type stuff and this past couple years I’ve got right back into it so a new tmp album was very welcome and in my opinion easily in their top 3.

Favorite Tracks: 12345, The Demons Are Taking Over 

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Meechy Darko - Gothic Luxury 

Been fucking with FBZ since high school and this Meech solo drop is honestly on par with any of their group projects. Absolute heat.

Fav Tracks: Get Lit Or Die Tryin’, Hennessy & Halos 

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Cremation Lily - Dreams Drenched In Static 

A cold wash for your mind, of all the recent releases for Cremation Lily this is by far my favourite, truly a highlight

Favorite Tracks: Dreams Drenched In Static, Overflowing Velvet Tide 

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The Wonder Years - The Hum Goes On Forever 

An absolute beauty of the band’s catalogue and my favourite album of there’s in nearly a decade (not that the other recent releases are bad) but this is such a strong entry.

Fav Tracks: Wyatt’s Song, Cardinals II 

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Arms Length - Never Before Seen, Never Again Found 

I’m never disappointed to find a new emo band that I fuck with and these guys really really impressed, excited to hear more

Favorite Tracks: Aries (Moth Song), Formative Age 

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The Callous Daoboys - Celebrity Therapist 

Every bit as insane and chaotic as their previous album this thing shreds in the best way. Wild production and sporadic lyrics plus it’s heavy as shit 

Favorite Tracks: Violent Astrology, What is Delicious? Who Swarms? 

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Invalids - Permanence 

Listened to this album on a whim through Spotify’s recommendation and it really caught me by surprise, huge fan of the sound and complexity and led me to deep dive their older stuff

Fav Tracks: Pareidolia, Tethered 

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Soul Glo - Diaspora Problems 

This is everything a punk album should be. I listened earlier in the year and came back to it recently and loved it just as much as the first listen

Favorite Tracks: Jump!! (Or Get Jumped!!! ((by the future)), Fucked Up If True 

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