Chuck Mullen - "When The Time Is Right" Review

Many of you know Music Mondays never shy's away from niche genres inside the underground and independent community. We sat down and reviewed Chuck Mullens recent track "When The Time Is Right" and this is an artist you'll know from their vocals alone.


LORDHERETIC is back again with another underground music review! Today we will be diving into Chuck Mullen’s new track “When The Time Is Right”.

 Now if you’re like me and you’re a bit familiar with Chucks music, you know that they are usually in the vein of acoustic folk music and popular music covers. Hailing from my corner of Northern California, Chuck has been on top of covering the likes of Gordon light foot, Green Day and nirvana while also spinning their own love song tunes with their acoustic guitar. So imagine my surprise when I hear those telltale vocals over a smooth ass boom bap beat? 

Producer Jordan Andrew really handed chuck a gem, a smooth buttery hi hat and snare combined with Chucks usual love song writing paired for a game winning hit. Is it a refreshing direction for artistry? Am I just a sucker for a good smooth easy listening song? I couldn’t tell you, what I can tell you is after knowing Chuck for a while now, this made me so fucking proud. If you are in the mood to chill or reminisce about the one that got away, Chuck has got you covered. I personally hope I see more of this come from them and I implore every single person reading to get hip now before he becomes rap music adjacent and gets up and outta here. 

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