In Case You Missed It Monthly: July 2023

In Case You Missed It Monthly Is Live! Every month in this written piece the Music Mondays Staff Writers will be compiling the latest underground tracks for the current month and spotlighting talented individuals along with a few familiar faces with their latest drops. Check back each month for new editions to In Case You Missed It Monthly.


Flux - Silver Lining

Flux dives back into their roots, while showing so much growth through "Silver Lining". Flux started making music through "emo rap" so this was refreshing to hear, after they have been expanding through the "Hyper" scene. In this track, Flux gives the listener a situation to think on while weighing in on a "Silver lining" that is well needed in the scene.


Type1ne - On The Road

Type1ne shows that he's still not afraid to be honest all while bringing a chill track by Boyo Levity to life with bars about friends and confidence. This young man is in such a great space growth wise, and this was just a perfect direction. This drop came as a surprise which made for a huge plus for the month of July.


Red Wizxrd - Gorge Foreman

Gorge Foreman shook the underground in July, preparing us for one of Red Wizxrds most prolific EPs to date. The Trap Metal artist hones in on his skills to bring an instrumentally dark track that real Red Wizxrd fun. Gorge Foreman odes to the violence that some of us crave every so often, with The Wizxrd taking production, writing, and creativity to such an enjoyable level it hurts.


Lavish & Indisoul - My Name My Lifestyle EP

R&B infused Trap or an alternative sound all his own either way you look at it, Lavish shows why he has deserved every bit of attention since his debut. This project boasts lyricism on beats by an amazing newly found producer, Indisoul. There seems to be no stopping Lavish from continuing a rampage of quality music this year.


King Madi - it could be worse...

The final single and first lyrical track from King Madis' self-titled Album, " ashton." brings us Madi in a new light, preparing for the most emotional album of his career. With a relaxing guitar Instrumental, King Madi uses honest writing to take us out of our seats and into his thoughts on his mental health state and lessons learned lately. A true blessing in a music industry full of complaints and problems. 



ROSE FROM THE ASH delivers an ethereal, melodic album in ROSE HEART, full of emotion. Creating easy listening while not sacrificing amazing writing makes for a great album from ROSE. Diving into this project was honestly magical and full of amazing moments and even two features by Ben Jermaine. If you enjoy a melodic, hard hitting Rollercoaster, this project is definitely for you. 



I originally heard ZAYALLCAPS Accordion, which samples the MF DOOM track off of Madvillany, while flipping the iconic sample into a drill beat. So when he dropped BALLING OUT OF SPITE, I had to give it a listen. The project is a menagerie of competing samples, autotune melodies, and synths with a west coast sensibility reminiscent of Odd Future. There’s some really fun tracks on here, and ZAY’s musicality and production work is symbiotic.



ALEPH took a darker turn for his VISION debut, following his powerful remix for Nosia’s Resonance VI record. There’s noted influences from Burial and modern bass, and ALEPH marries the two in a tech-induced-macabre collage. He also eschews his normal concept heavy songwriting approach and strips down the ideas to great effect. 



Fast 5, produced by SURF GANG, is pronounced by frenetic flows and flying arpeggios. This project is FUN. 454’s heavy handed autotune and melodic sense for flows is the perfect pairing with Evil Giane and Co.’s beats. 454 is overseas on a Japan tour, and if you’re out there, he’s definitely a performer worth watching. Plus the merch looks fantastic. 


Slikback - I S O L A T I O N

Slikback’s ISOLATION is a flurrying beatdown of bass and noise, and the highlights of VOIDOUT and CHIRAL really stood out to me as mind bending and genre defying industrial music. Nyege Nyege darling Slikback has worked with SUBKVLT’s Hyph113 and Brodinksi over the last couple years, and has been elaborating on his signature sound of destruction. Also, checkout Slikback’s Soundcloud, as he’s got some insane remixes up.



Brazilian Funk has seen a rise on the internet for its brash sound, experimentalism, and out-there sound design and samples. For fans of the more explicit edges of the sound, Panico No Submundo, ramps up and amplifies the aggression and paranoia  to extremes unheard by most passive enjoyers. Not to say one is better than the other, but for those looking towards the edge of Baile Funk, look no further. 


Tim Hecker - No Highs

Tim Hecker cited ‘negation’ as an influence for this record. Through the dark haze, a light can be found on No Highs. Since the Ambient Industrial Complex has been on the rise via pumping out sound-affected Rhodes Pianos to Spotify Ambient playlists, Tim Hecker pushes back with a brand new opaque record, too dark for spas and yoga meditations, but just bright enough to illuminate a late night highway drive through a city. 


June 2023 Edition Written By Jayded & Rei Low

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