Music Mondays 1 Year Anniversary

One year ago in April 2021 Music Mondays went from a small solo podcast to a full-fledged independent media platform.


We specialize in curating, discovering and promoting the greatest underground independent creators that deserve to be shown respect while simultaneously bringing them together to create a community of independent art forms. 

The center of our platform is based on one single motto, “For The Underground, By The Underground” meaning only independent creatives are behind the content Music Mondays delivers. 

The roots of Music Mondays are in the heart of our Founder Zomb Slays, who has cemented himself in underground music and art since 2012. Eventually learning to become a Music Producer in 2017 and continuing to be heavily involved with underground independent art, Zomb Slays helped set down a foundation for several independent platforms and artist collectives. Fast forward to 2020 and Zomb Slays is a freelance producer, manager and writer with over 70 published articles with one single idea. 

That idea was to continue the vision he had for the underground scene and reinvent how platforms work with independent artists. Zomb Slays has management experience in growing several independent platforms with 10,000+ supporters to manage artist collectives of heavily talented individuals and one-on-one management with rising artists of the underground. 

Music Mondays started as a weekly podcast in the beginning of 2021 speaking on underground events, tips and tricks for creatives, and a whole list of topics were discussed on early episodes of Music Mondays. Eventually expanding to reviewing music and giving pre-written reviews because we as a platform didn’t have the equipment to play music on stream yet. 

After about 3 to 4 months as Zomb upgraded his setup for his stream, the reviews became more prevalent and as a result Music Mondays continued to grow. 

Expanding from a podcast into a full independent underground media platform in April 2021, Zomb Slays is taking everything he’s done as well as learned throughout the last five years and reinventing the underground scene we all know and love. Today we celebrate one whole year to the month of continuing to grow Music Mondays and its foundation. 

Thank you to anyone who has believed since day one of the podcast and thank you to anyone brand new on board the Music Mondays community. 

We won’t let you down. 

Written By Zomb Slays: