In Case You Missed It Monthly: February 2023

In Case You Missed It Monthly Is Live! Every month in this written piece the Music Mondays Staff Writers will be compiling the latest underground tracks for the current month and spotlighting talented individuals along with a few familiar faces with their latest drops. Check back each month for new editions to In Case You Missed It Monthly.  


cutspace + xang - the angels floss their teeth with my bones (Full EP)

It’s hard to find a point of reference for what cutspace and xang have crafted with their new project, the angles floss their teeth with my bones. Part musique-concrete part cloud rap, cutspace’s synths slice through the mix, metallic and imposing. As DJH once tweeted, this sounds like an austere building that doesn’t care if you witness it or not. They’ve completely ripped apart cloud rap and rebuilt it with digital artifacts.


gum.mp3 - Riddim Seeker (Full EP)

​​Riddim Seeker is a new direction for gum, who’s been dropping house projects on his own for some time now. He’s teamed up with Ghostly for what I believe is his first label release. Also, check out the new project he released by FiFi Zhang, So Beautiful, So Lonely. Leon English’s track stands out from the rest of the project, but I loved all three tracks. 


YEAR0001 - RIFT Two (Full Album)

RIFT 2 is a huge compilation of Angelic weightless tracks. The whole compilation wrapped me in its washed out synthetic sound and warmly invited me into the world of esoteric online rave music. There’s something oddly beautiful about writing about this music, since some of these tracks seem almost transparent. 


Babebee - HEALING / 힐링 (Full EP)

Babebee is an Atlanta artist making waves since picking up the Pigeons and Planes cosign. They’ve worked with producers Anem0s and simon m in the past, but this project is far more ambient and bubbly.


Swami Sound - Back In The Day (Full Album)

Swami Sound’s new NYC garage project is an incredible journey. He picks up the pieces of UKG, rebuilds them, remixes them, and recontextualizes them. Also, he sings incredibly well. As far as raw skills, Swami is one of the most promising new voices in the dance scene. Swami, alongside the rest of Eldia, are most likely producing the new blueprint for dance music.



Super fresh sounds sourced from Soundcloud shine on Shelternet’s first compilation, MOLD. The sound design on this project is top notch. The post-industrial aesthetic and songwriting really push the limits as to what electronic music can be. It sounds as if Garden of Delete era OPN had access to Vital and Trash 2 plugins.


Whu Else - BOP ON AN OPP

Detroit native Whu Else returned from his one-year hiatus with “BOP ON AN OPP,” This fun and energetic song features a playful piano loop with a simple hi-hat pattern. One YouTube commenter described this song as “the vibe of the last day of school,” This song would make the perfect intro to a 2000s cartoon.


Bhertuy - look under your skin

The first track out of 3 off of Bhertuy’s upcoming EP “transparency” which releases on March 25th. This EP follows the release of their 2022 project “hyperreality,” The song is composed of a soft guitar melody with falsetto vocals by Bhertuy. Bhertuy’s style of singing is similar to artists such as Rosesleeves, bixby, and xona.


ch3ckr (checkerboi23) - minee

ch3ckr (checkerboi23) is a Michigan-based producer and vocalist. Their song ‘minee’ is an ambient track that incorporates elements of hyperpop and pluggnb. Where ch3ckr excels the most is in their vocal delivery. They use multiple vocal layers set at various different octaves, the falsetto adlibs provide perfect transitions between each bar.


Tommy Fleece - Heroin

Detroit-based vocalist and producer Tommy Fleece came back from an almost year-long hiatus with his new release ‘Heroin,’ Tommy’s production style stands out from other artists by combining feedback loops with bit-crushed melodies. Feedback loops are most often used in noise music. Tommy is one of the first artists to use noise music in hyperpop. Videographer Drew Kielo (featured on the cover, right) directed a VHS music video which is featured on Tommy’s channel. 


February 2023 Edition Written By Rei Low & Raven Marin

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