zuro - "Way Back" Review

Music Mondays has tore through the underground searching for the most talented and rare tracks since our inception. In this exclusive article we broke down one of zuro's latest tracks "Way Back" and this is easily a 2023 review you can't miss.


There is something about a person rapping over a beat that has an extremely nostalgic, looped sample laced throughout. Something about a song like ‘so tired of tears’ by quinn, with its instantly memorable vocals from the classic Ne-Yo track ‘So Sick’, blending into the ever infectious flow that quinn consistently showcases on her songs, that feels like blissful equilibrium to me. This is almost identical to the experience I had while listening to ‘Way Back’ by Zuro

With a notably melancholic slant instrumentally- a point that producer 1sadboii makes certain is picked up on instantly via the looped Sleeping With Sirens sample of the song ‘Scene Three: Stomach Tied in Knots’, that opens the track. When Zuro raps on this one I get a homesick feeling, between bars about missing days’ passed, and a punchy beat. All of this backed by Kellin Quinn’s repeating vocals, singing ‘I can’t even live with myself, and I can’t live without you now, oh oh oh’, makes for one of the best songs I’ve heard in 2023.

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Written By Em Bishoff: twitter.com/emofc_