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Recently Music Mondays sat down with a multi-talented artist known as King Marc. We had an amazing introduction discussion and dove into their origins, 2022 plans, along with much more in this MM Exclusive Interview. 


Zomb: First things first, where are you from and how old are you? 

King Marc: So, i'm from Fremont county in Colorado. Small little farming town called Florence in Southern Colorado more specifically but I spent a good amount of time in the neighboring town canon city which was a part of fremont county as well. Currently living in Portland, Oregon. I'm 23.

Zomb: Colorado is such a dope place man, extremely beautiful. What was it like growing up in Florence and other cities? Tell us a little bit about your experience growing up. 

King Marc: It was interesting for sure, I was kind of that popular loner. Everyone knew of me but I maybe had one or two friends growing up. I just stuck to myself really trying to figure out who I was and what exactly I wanted to do. Wasn't really into partying or going out and substance abuse could have played a big part in that but yeah. A good chunk of my high school days were spent drinking at home making music.

Zomb: Early roots are truly something different, it's really wild to look back on sometimes. Who were some early musical influences for you? Who did you listen to growing up? 

King Marc: They really are, definitely times I reminisce on. A lot of my initial music influence probably comes from my dad. He was always really into music and finding new underground artists, i remember being a kid and hearing aesop rock and odb and all these old New York legends on repeat. Early influences for my own music and style would probably come from a long list of artists but mostly ones like soda boi, cappo, yung lean, oliver Francis, yung van, 9tails/sewerperson. Really anything that I've enjoyed ans listen to has influenced me in some way. And all of my artist friends have a very large influence on my own music as well

Zomb: It's actually really wild how heavily our parents influenced our music, I definitely can relate to that a lot. There's a really solid list of underground heavyweights there as well, when did you start creating music of your own? Do you remember when you first started creating? 

King Marc: So it actually goes way way back to around 07-08 messing around on ejay clubworld for the ps2. Basically a super simplified daw with a bunch of presets you can rack up to make edm music. Played on that all throughout growing up and started making edm and beats in middle school. The writing and vocals only started to come around in 2015 and since then I've mostly dropped most of my production style stuff and focus more on writing. I have more fun with it. I was also in a band throughout school so I've always been around and involved with music in some way.

Zomb: Now THAT'S some King Marc lore, I've actually never heard of ejay. So you've been surrounded by music, heavily influenced and at what point did you start to take it seriously? When did you realize music was what you wanted to push more? 

King Marc: I'd say once I started releasing music in 2016. 2015-2016 I had made a few songs that never got released and after playing around a little bit I knew it was what I wanted to do. I'd say this year has been the most consistent and serious I've ever been about any of it.

Zomb Slays: See that's what I love to hear, good for you my friend. Fast forward to 2022, what is your recording process like? How long does it take you to create a track that's ready for release? 

King Marc: The time varies a lot honestly. There's been some tracks I've made in less than 30 minutes, final mix and ready to release and some that have been close to a year in the making now. On average I'd say around 2 to 3 days from start to finish. Throw my idea down and step away, come back and re record everything properly and throw the mix on.

Zomb: The process is something that's very specific to everyone so that's a good insight on King Marc. You've done quite the amount of work this year, what are your plans for the summer and rest of 2022? 

King Marc: Got a whole lot of stuff planned out for the rest of this year. It's all a dream tape coming out in July, currently working on the next ep. Tons of singles coming out aswell as a few remixes to some old and some new songs. I'll be performing live on twitch here soon aswell as trying to organize some live performances. Expect a couple music videos too.

Zomb: Damn, so we got a whole list of King Marc content coming, 2022 takeover time. What keeps you going when you're creating? What is your main motivation when creating? 

King Marc: They're not ready brother! Honestly my biggest driving force is knowing how much I enjoy working on my own projects compared to how much I hate working for someone else. The goal has always been to do what I love so I'll do it regardless but being able to live off of that is the ultimate dream. Watching and listening to other artists and friends that I have also motivates me to try new things or even just gives me an idea for a clever lil hook.

Zomb: Simple yet such a healthy mindset to have in regards to creating. A lot of artists will definitely relate to that as well as myself, what are you doing when you aren't creating? What keeps you sane when you aren't making music? 

King Marc: A little bit of everything honestly. Typically when I'm not making music I'm still doing some other art form whether that's drawing or painting or even tattoos. I spend a good amount of time outdoors if the weather will allow for it and a good amount of time in my mycology studies.

Zomb: It's such a good thing to have other endeavors you can indulge in when taking a step back from creating. One of the last questions I had for you is, what is your favorite track you've created or been involved with? 

King Marc: The it's all a dream tape is definitely up there but I'd have to say it's between same old me ft sewerperson or a music video I made for an unreleased track called flaunt it

Zomb: Both of those are seriously great among the Marc library, special things are coming. My last question for you is who are you top 5 artists of all time? Can be mainstream or otherwise. 

King Marc: I'd say 9tails/sewerperson, dj lucas, aesop rock, lil soda boi, and Oliver Francis. Definitely some contenders for those spots but currently I'd say that's the one.

Zomb: Man now THATS a list, before we log off do you have any shoutouts or words of motivation? The floor is yours. 

King Marc: Keep your eyes peeled for drops every Friday! Shout out to the music mondays family. And if you haven't called someone you're close with, whether that be friends or family, Call em and tell em you love em.

Zomb: Love that, wise words from King Marc. Thank you for taking some time to sit down with us and we can wait to have you on the podcast.

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