Brakence "bugging!" Review


Over the past year Brakence fans have been anticipating his second studio album “hypochondriac,” But the wait is now over as the final release date has been set for December 2nd. Leading up to this album’s release Randy Findell (Brakence) has been steadily releasing five singles that gives us a look into the composition of “hypochondriac”.

The fifth and final song in this series “bugging!” was released on November 18th and has been received with critical acclaim. One youtuber commenter stated “Brakence is the only artist that comforts my depression, he always communicates strong emotions in his music.” “buggin!” was originally leaked in February of this year, around this time Randy had just come out of his year long hiatus with the singles “argyle” and “cbd,” It fits in perfectly with his new polished and refreshed sound. Randy’s deal with Columbia records has opened him to new connections and resources. Such as his mastering engineer, Joe LaPorta, who’s worked on all of Randy’s releases since “punk2.” 

The intro sample “You want to know where I’ve been?/ Now you’ll find out,” addresses his various hiatuses, which is hinted at throughout the song. Randy details his relationship issues and dealing with the break up with an unnamed individual 

“So what can I do to make me get over you? I’m letting go of all my vices I’ll make the sacrifices All I can do is get over you!” 

In the 3rd verse Randy details “So you wanna link? I’d rather finger fuck strings…No, I don’t wanna be intimate, You want me playing you like an instrument”

The metaphor “finger fucking strings” relates to Randy preferring to play his guitar than getting intimate with someone. Solitude and abstinence from relationships is a common theme through his recent releases. This is in stark contrast to the topic of his songs “fuckboy” and “fwb”. Randy’s blissful singing and melodic guitar riffs perfectly tie this composition together. His skill as an instrumentalist has noticeably increased over the past couple years.