More Than A Black Hole

More Than A Black Hole 


Instead of being the prophets of a futuristic age of Genderless Luxury Gay Space Communism, Nusagi and Diana are a part of an aesthetic movement of the present affirming the deep interior worlds of voiceless and trampled on individuals. They collaborate in a gender affirming cutesy artistic

process, approaching an almost hypersexist persona. Coined by the writer n1x: hypersexism as an idea has been transcribed into Hyperpop. Hypersexism, as defined partially by n1x,  As Land says in “Imitation Games”, “You have to act stupid if you want the humans to accept you as intelligent.” You have to be cisheteronormative (read: stupid) in order to be taken seriously as a trans woman, and not be looked at as a freak or a faker worthy only of being used shamefully as a fetish, and often otherwise discarded.” (Via:

Dysphoria and feeling used are the themes of the lyrics as espoused by Nusagi on her verse:

"Collar on my neck

Baby just tug on my leash

You know I’d never leave

‘Cause you’re the only one who’d take me

You said no one else could love a girl like me

People turn their heads and scream

Because I’m so disgusting

I could be your doll, baby

I can never leave"

As we learned in class, the process of creation according to the Expression Theory of Art is becoming conscious of some emotion, but not of its content or meaning. Then the artist engages in some activity and becomes conscious of an emotion and its content. As a result the artist feels relief and freedom from being understood by others. The artist Nusagi feels the fetishization of being a transwoman and partially embraces it, while negating the aspect of being thrown away, and therefore asserts herself beyond fetishized transgender and as a woman.

"I don’t have a use

Until you take me out to touch me

I don’t have to talk

If you don’t want me to speak

I do what I’m told

Or else no one’s gonna want me"

She feels some relief from self acceptance as a sexual submissive and not having to control her outward appearance to pass as a woman, since she is engaging in sexual practices with another who sees her as she is. In conclusion, Nusagi uses the concept of hypersexuality as explained by the authors n1x and Nick Land to assert herself as a valid woman by dumbing down her own individuality to that perceived from a cis woman. She does this by feeling gender dysphoria, writing a cute song where she is a submissive sexual partner, and realizing that by doing this she is asserting herself as a woman and therefore relieving her dysphoria. 

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