Music Mondays '22 Mid-Year Recap

Music Mondays Mid Year Recap


It’s been such a fast year, I truly can’t believe we’re already 6 months into 2022. Music Mondays has had such a wild ride since our inception in 2021 and we’re only growing larger. First and foremost I would like to personally thank everyone that has supported Music Mondays throughout its journey. If you’re new or old, long time supporter or just found out about Music Mondays we would like to personally thank you for helping us continue to build a better underground creative space for all. The growth of the podcast to our Soundcloud Sunday library and finishing 6 months into 2022 with our first album Curing Cases Of The Mondays. It’s crazy to believe it’s only been 6 months. Let’s get into the next 6 months and what’s in store for Music Mondays Summer ‘22. 

So with this said, we’ll be filling in the gaps with new guests, more reviews and way more pure love for the new underground than you’ve ever seen. Music Mondays are very special to me and it’s slowly growing into the perfect place for new creatives to thrive. Music Mondays is the future of the new underground and the timeless generations of music. We’re not building for the short term, we’re reminding you why you started to create art in the first place. 

Written By Zomb Slays: