Cruzer Urameshi - "Watch Me Glow" Review

Blending genres can be something so simple yet so beautiful, Cruzer Urameshi and Lavish did just that with their latest offering "Watch Me Glow". Blending lo-fi and hip-hop elements this is a fall banger you can't miss.


So to catch you up, Lavish and Cruzer Urameshi were last seen together more than two years ago, in 2021, each artist and producer growing tremendously since. Fast Farward to August of 2023, Watch Me Glow is their return as a team. This hip hop track takes listeners on a journey of relaxation and confidence. With its smooth beat by Cruzer, mellow melodies, and laid-back lyrics, this song creates the perfect ambience for unwinding.

The song starts, setting the mood for an interesting experience. The production on this track is impeccable, showcasing a blend hip hop elements with lo-fi influences. The lyrics of Watch Me Glow further elevate the song's mood by embracing themes of mindfulness, self-care, and the importance of taking a break. The artist's lyrical flow beautifully complements the laid-back atmosphere, spitting rhymes that encourage listeners to relax, let go, and find solace within themselves. 

This track stands out by seamlessly merging the hard-hitting rhythm of hip hop with the soothing aura of lo-fi. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day, create a serene ambiance, or simply find solace in the mellow sounds of hip hop, this song is an absolute must-listen. Take a moment for yourself, press play, and let this track transport you to a state of pure relaxation.

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