ManDaMyth - "ManDaMyth" Review

Self-titled projects can be a defining point in the eyes of many, in this exclusive Music Mondays review we broke down ManDaMyth's latest offering "ManDaMyth" and the lyricism, instrumentals as well as raw skill within this project.


As a producer,  I am an avid fan of music as much as I am someone who has dedicated my life to making art. So, as much as I may want to disappear and just create, keeping my ear to the ground and listening to all types of new artists is not only essential, but maybe my most important job. Through this search, I’ve happened to find so many different artists who have potential and skill, but are overlooked for a variety of reasons. The hope with this series of album reviews is to help share some of my favorite music that I’ve found. It would be really easy for me to just simply highlight friends, or projects that I’ve worked on, but for the most part I will try to refrain. Though I will not write a review of an album I don’t listen to on a day to day basis. So yes, I do tend to lean towards fellow collaborators in terms of music, but this is due to my process of searching for collaborators. I love to work with people whose music I personally love, especially when I really connect with a body of work of theirs. So, without further ado, today I will be reviewing the absolute gem of a project, ManDaMyth’s self titled debut. 

To give some prior context to my first time listening to this project, I was pretty unaware of ManDaMyth until winter of last year. He was someone I had interacted with on twitter, but there was really no signs of him making music other than some conversations we had about working together. I remember sending him a pretty good beat, but definitely more atmospheric and trap inspired. Then, I heard God Song. God Song was the lead single for the project, and featured the excellent Defcee. This track caught me wildly off guard, as the sound was closer to that of the Griselda wave of production that I was so in love with at the time in the best way possible. I instantly knew the immense talent that ManDaMyth clearly possessed, as he stood toe to toe with one of the best rappers anywhere. After hearing this track, I was not only immediately making attempts to get more music with him, I was extremely interested to see what this album would sound like. When we got the tracklist and I saw the production credits and features, I knew I was in for something special. It featured Defcee twice, IL Subliminal and Sleep Sinatra. The production credits are equally as impressive, with Sleep Sinatra mainly producing with assists from Sovren, MJC, Bloodmoney Perez and Unsung throughout. As I gained some more context about ManDaMyth, the more he became an enigma. His dense writing and delivery did not at all sound like someone who was just releasing their debut project. Nevermind that, but to have such accomplished artists as the aforementioned Sleep Sinatra producing most of the project and featuring on a track, two Defcee features, & being released under a great label in Damn that Noise, it was obviously a special case. He clearly had the skill, and I was not the only one to see and hear this. 

The album, finally releasing on October 7th of last year was an incredible show of lyricism, beat selection and skill. When TroDucEnd starts with the dark bass and glittering keys, and ManDaMyth starts the album with “The first dead body I saw was in Melrose Park”, you know you’re in for something special. TroDucEnd kicks the album off with ManDaMyth’s verbose flows and dense verbiage over a fantastic beat by Unsung. Here you’re introduced to ManDaMyth & the world of music you are about to enter over the next 57 minutes. If you weren’t already taking ManDaMyth seriously, Drowning will demand your attention. As soon as the first distorted drum hits, the gloomy atmosphere of the song sets in. ManDaMyth paints a vivid picture of a dark world that matches the fantastic Sleep Sinatra production. What follows however, may be my favorite 3 track stretch of the album. God Song, Esoteric & Book Endz all contain utterly captivating beats from Sleep Sinatra with ManDaMyth & Defcee (on both Book Endz and God Song) spitting some of the best verses of the year. I especially want to highlight ManDaMyth on God Song & Defcee on Book Endz being my favorite 2 verses on the album. 

Floating comes in after these tracks to add a wavy and serene beat utilizing electric guitars and horns to create a vivid atmosphere. Strange Gemini continues this trend of atmospheric and bright songs with an absolutely crazy sample chop. This beat is hopeful and uplifting, contrasted by ManDaMyth’s voice perfectly. Precipice returns to a bit of the sound earlier on the album, with a lowkey and dim beat with a haunting vocal sample. Arrow Headz sees Unsung return on the boards for this track and his hectic but detailed style perfectly accents ManDaMyth on this track. In terms of flow, this is the best track on the album as ManDaMyth sounds like he understood exactly how to attack this beat. Damascus returns to the darker side of the spectrum and is maybe the grimiest and hardest beat on this album. Sleep Sinatra went crazy with this one. The hook on this track as well is maybe my favorite on the project. Grin and Bare it is a perfect track to follow Damascus, as it uplifts the mood just enough but still keeps that murkiness both in the beat and lyrically. Days Borrowed is the last time we hear the album's main duo with Sleep & ManDaMyth and feels like it could be an outro in its own right. Out Da Rut, Bullseye & A Final Interruption however, are all essential to this project. ManDaMyth & IL Subliminal go back and forth on a fantastic guitar beat from MJC. Bullseye sees ManDaMyth rapping over a groovy Bloodmoney Perez beat & adding a bit of versatility to an already exceptional album. There is almost no better way to close out the album then with a beat from the incomparable Sovren. This beat sounds luxurious and is a perfect way to close this album, with ManDaMyth delivering an amazing performance to close out the project. 

Now, you've probably noticed that outside of the first line, I’ve refrained from quoting ManDaMyth’s lyrics throughout talking about the album. This is purposeful, and it’s because he is one of those artists that you need to hear for yourself to truly understand. His lyrics and art deserve to be listened to and taken as it is. This is a truly fantastic album that is one of my favorites of the 2020’s and I’ve rarely heard people talk about this album. My hope is that this article will entice a couple of you to go and check this album. I am blessed to have gotten a couple tracks with ManDaMyth and he truly is one of the best artists I’ve had the pleasure of making music with. 

Shoutout to ManDaMyth, Bloodmoney Perez and Damn That Noise, Sleep Sinatra, Defcee, Unsung, Sovren, IL Subliminal & MJC for creating such a great album, go check out ManDaMyth by ManDaMyth on all platforms or the Damn That Noise bandcamp!

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