Bank Method - "Can't Turn Back Now" Review

Artistic duo's have become more common in underground music genres and sub-genres but one pair struck a cord with Music Mondays. We recently sat down and reviewed "Can't Turn Back Now" from Tropes and heartstopmiami and this is an exclusive breakdown you can't miss in 2023.


 As of 2023 I’ve listened to so much music that it often shocks me when I find something I hadn’t previously checked out, when it’s coming from artists I actively listen to. Earlier this year this happened to me when I discovered the perfect duo, that is Tropes and heartstopmiami’s project bank method. A concise collection of 9 brand new tracks, ‘Cant Turn Back Now’ is complete with production from: feardorian, elxnce, jdolla, maxvon, and more. 

I’m a bit of a sucker for really good collaborative projects, and between this and ghostsinlove’s ‘love my friends’ I think this has been an exciting year for collaboration. Tropes and Miami trading places in the middle of a verse, laying down bar after bar, is something I could listen to indefinitely. 6 out of 9 of the tracks here don’t break the 2 minute mark, yet pretty much every song manages to be full to the brim with lyrics, with 15 seconds left over at the end to allow the beats to play out. The 2000s kid era pop culture references are consistently hitting, case in point, 

“aye, i tol her you stupid like 21

idc bout you, idc bout any1 

ion fw you, ion fw any1

i just made a rack, i feel like Ben Tennyson

feel like spongebob, i'm just having F.U.N.”

with Miami on the upper two lines, and Tropes picking up where she left off on ‘Airport’ prod Nyli and o14.

The project does have a really strong start, with the first track ‘Get High’ being co-produced by scene staples elxnce and feardorian. Despite this I noticed that the production backing these tracks only gets better as the songs progress, as is the case on ‘This Guy Thinks He Works at Apple’ prod feardorian. Miami’s insane lines are also to die for here, with bars as iconic as-

‘I got questions, backlight noah

fuck yo function, can't show up

bad bitch with a fursona’, and 

‘move slow, delayed shit, whoa

smoke weed on gay shit #mode

I <3 my gay bitch, oh’ 

both being on the aforementioned track. My personal favorite moment on the new projects debut crop of songs, was ‘Go Eat Some Bricks Or Something’ produced by Elsa, which is the longest song at 3:26, complete with an interpolation of ‘Tuesday’ by iLoveMakonnen. Miami has me wishing to be called ‘betty boo’ by the human of my dreams someday. Some of the best sound design comes on the second to last track, ‘The Halfway House’, produced by elxnce, surgeon, and digipak. The visceral production here elevates tropes vocals specifically in a really nice way that I just love. ‘Cant Turn Back Now’ has been the tongue in cheek, lighthearted project that I so desperately needed after this past month or so.

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