Hosted By Music Mondays: A Definitive Guide

Hosted By Music Mondays: A Definitive Guide 

Recently Music Mondays has put together a full playlist of tracks from talented artists hosted on our Soundcloud and we’ve put together a guide detailing Music Mondays exclusives as well as how to submit your music to be hosted and promoted by MM. 


If you’re curious on how to get your tracks hosted by Music Mondays you’ve come to the right place. We recently put together a playlist of every track hosted by MM so you can find them all in one simple location. The playlist features exclusive tracks from the likes of Vincent Paragano, 777Fury, Zomb Slays and many more tracks inherited by MM when remodeling our Soundcloud. 

So how do you become a part of Music Mondays history and get your tracks hosted as well as promoted by MM? It’s simple, head over to our email or direct messages with an unreleased track as well as your cover art for hosting considerations. We accept all genres and are open to hosting on our YouTube channel as well. If you have any unreleased music and are actively looking for a home look no further. 

Head over to our Soundcloud to check out all of our recent tracks as well as Soundcloud Sunday, Dose Of Daybreak, Underground Classics and many more exclusive Music Mondays playlists. We're happy to consider any unreleased track along with submissions for any of our playlists. Make sure you follow us on all social media for updates on our weekly and monthly content: 

Written By Zomb Slays: