In Case You Missed It Monthly: November 2022

In Case You Missed It Monthly Is Live!  Every month in this written piece we'll be compiling the latest underground tracks for the current month and spotlighting talented individuals along with a few familiar faces with their latest drops. Check back each month for new editions to In Case You Missed It Monthly.


SURF GANG - At Least We Tried

For the third and final installment in SURF GANG’s compilation albums, At Least We Tried wraps up one of the most promising runs of underground collective albums in recent memory. RealYungPhil, 1600j, Polo Perks, Moh Baretta, Caspr, Pasto Flocco, Jdn, Harto Falión, Gonerprod, Harrison, Eera, Tommytohotty and finally EvilGiane all make appearances, blending NY Drill, Plugg, and every other underground genre under the sun. Surf Gang Bitch.


Tony Shhnow - Plug Motivation

Tony's ascent to the top of the Atlanta rap scene has been unsurprising. He is one of the most confident rappers and is completely convinced of his own prowess. He’s sort of heading the new wave of the underground, alongside underground superstar Popstar Benny and Bear1Boss. Atlanta is still as alive as ever; people just aren’t as tapped in as they used to be.


Marlon Dubois - Less Than What Is Supposed To Be More Than Enough To Do That Thing

I’ve been wanting to highlight Marlon’s work from the Shed. Expert editor, theorizer, producer, and moaner, Marlon executive produces and curates an incredibly psychedelic aesthetic between the visuals on their Youtube Channel and sounds on Spotify. For those uninitiated with their sound, imagine Bladee on even more opiates and from New York.


Rural Internet - SAINT ANGER

Rural Internet capped the year with an industrial trap project that is charting a path for what the internet scene has in store after the initial hyperpop explosion. Fans of TYGKO, William Crooks, Injury Reserve, Danny Brown will fuck with this album heavily. I still remember chatting with Zombae, and he promised to me that MSPaint Deertwink was the future of music. Godspeed Rural Internet.


Varg2™ - Lonestar Pandemonium

Vocaloid Hard Techno works in theory, and Varg pulls from sounds of nightcore and trance to hyperstition a cyberpunk dys/u/topia into the always present future of the now. Varg is deterritorializing Bladee and Ecco2k from their Cloud Rap sound into some sort of Bladerunner themed end of world rave. 1000110101010100


Twofold - XFORM Tracks

Twofold has been tearing up dancefloors around Atlanta while teasing XFORM, which landed a front page feature on Bandcamp’s website. They are championing the new Mecha sound, a type of Gorge music inspired by video game Mech boss fights, ballroom, and Jersey club. These songs toe the line in between tool tracks and experimentation and are likely to be imitated in the future.


VLAD, baredex - Twin Universe

baredex’s production blends trap elements with jrpg-esc melodies and sound selection to lay an extremely danceable and fitting foundation for Vlad to rap over. Vlad’s lyrics are littered with tidbits of his life, video game references, and devious thoughts. 


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bamboo boi - secret mushroom kingdom

bamboo boi crafts “lofi” beats with video game influence and secret mushroom kingdom is no exception. Very dynamic beats keep interest, but not ever going off the rails – staying in a “chill beats” lane, while standing out with very dreamy and a tinge trippy sound selection and composition. 


Boy Jenkem - Boy Jenkem 

Boy Jenkem draws from surf, garage, shoegaze and indie rock to create a strange, warm, comforting sound. The lofi quality of the mix gives a character to the EP that a cleaner mix would strip away; Boy Jenkem’s self titled is raw in sound and refined in execution.

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funeral homes - blue heaven

The second album from Jacksonville solo project is a big, dense, and gorgeous release. Guitar heavy, while not lacking in the bass or percussion, Blue Heaven is an otherworldly sonic experience; this would not be a vivid if not for the masterful mixing from Daniel Zasadny of Eureka Records. 



NAHreally returns with another tape that is humble in production, and dense in lyricism. Atop minimal, jazz-hop-esc beats, NAHreally raps with whimsy about his life as of late, preferred breakfast foods, and art itself. 


Love, Ulysses - 61​,​265​,​147

Absurd at times and a tinge goofy, Love, Ulysses is captivating on the mic and beat. The Minnesota rapper works wordy and witty writings over jazzy art-hop beats. 


November Edition Written By Ivahka Glass & Rei Low

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