Yeah0k! - "Fallin Off The Wagon" Review

New Jersey based vocalist and producer Yeah0k! has been making waves in hyperpop for the past year. You may have come across her hit song ‘its not all bad’, The music video was posted to the Astari youtube channel in January of 2022. The music video is currently sitting at 85k with the song itself reaching almost 200k on streaming platforms. 


My first impression of the track gave me a sense of deja vu. The vocals and flow are similar to her track ‘dreams,’ Both songs have pitched-up vocals with a chirpy synth melody. The drum pattern sets ‘fallin off the wagon’ apart from ‘dreams’ for me. While ‘dreams’ had a soft blend of hi-hats and kicks, ‘fallin off the wagon’ used harder-hitting 808s which give the track more volume to it. 

I asked Yeah0k! about her process of making ‘fallin of the wagon,’ “It was pretty quick, usually I make the main loop of the beat and record a few lines in the first session. For this one, I knew how I wanted the whole song to go with the slow part in the middle, and everything just took me a few days to get the free time to lay it all down” she said. The slow section of the song comes in at 0:45, the melody becomes dreamy with Yeah0k! harmonizing with herself. This section of the song provides an interlude between the two fast-paced sections, thus improving the listening experience. Yeah0k! agreed with me on this observation “Yeah I think so, keeps it interesting and the breakdown fits into the song narratively,” 

Overall I really enjoyed ‘fallin of the wagon,’ Yeah0k!’s signature pitched vocals and dreamy beats are also some of my favourite songs to get high to. The cadence of the beats give the listener an almost trance-like state, the flow keeps up the song's energy with a “feel good” delivery. My only gripe with this song is its length, the song has a runtime of 2:17 which isn’t uncommon for Yeah0k! or artists in general. But I feel the fast-paced section could have been just a little bit longer because you don’t really get to fully embrace the energy as you do with the slower-paced section. I give this song a 8.5/10.

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