Mike Hype 1 Year Anniversary Review

This weekend marks one full year since we were blessed with one of my personal favorite listens through the entirety of this year, A Hype’s album Mike Hype. A project 3 years in the making-  a collaborative one worked on with realmiketurtle, Mike Hype truly feels like timeless music.


On December 14th, A Hype released his first food review on his youtube channel of the same name. The video, titled ‘A Hype eats a Big Mac and French Fries from Mcdonald’s (Ripe Hype Food Reviews EPISODE 1)’ is an instant classic. From the first “Hey everyone, A Hype, you can see he’s aptly wearing his Mike Hype t-shirt and wastes no time getting into the video. Of course, as one of the most grateful and positive artists across all scenes, he thanks everyone for supporting him, and even thanks to any future supporters! 

 From here I want to talk a bit about Mike Hype, and some lyrics that have grown to mean a lot to me as this year progressed. First of all, the album covers so much sonic ground, while maintaining cohesion other artists just wouldn’t be able to replicate, and I think that’s super special and really fun to listen to. He does all of this while constantly maintaining just the purest, rawest wordplay, like these bars on “Reflection”.

For joy I’m a longer, to find it would be an honor. It usually comes from the song or time with my friends. But recently, we spent the time alone chasing ends. Once it cleanse, well, by then I may be gone. Cause death brings no mo’ harm, and it’s for that I long.

 Just really great writing. Another one of my favorite songs on Mike Hype is “Big Ass Shark”, which- from it’s scary shark sample backed instrumental, and A Hype going crazy over it, may read as superficial from the outside, but it’s the same song where he casually drops this line.

"They aren’t teaching, they preaching, a been poor nation. They reaching,spreading lies, heading tries to pollute.

 Honestly looking back, this project is just a gold mine of great music; but the song that I hold closest, and has had the biggest meaning in my life, to the point of tears at times, is the closing track “Believe in Yourself”. The song opens with this. 

If I never started pursuing my passion. I would be dead, head bled red the fashion. Not cause my heart would cease to beat. But cause without my art, no peace I meet.

The chorus plays-

Uh, Believe In Ya Self. Life is what ya make it, Believe In Ya Self. Even if you deem it bad, Believe In Ya Self. What to do when I’m so sad, Believe In Ya Self. I’m glad cause I chose, Believe In Ya Self. I got this I know, Believe In Ya Self. I’m the best at being me, Believe In Ya Self. Be what ya wanna be, Believe In Ya Self."

He continues in the songs second half-

I’m past it, you ain’t a bastard for being you. Seeing through the hate, you is great, we all are. We just thrust views that we choose to trust and lose. Friends over opinion, let’s cleanse. 

And then after the chorus plays one more time, the way Mike Hype closes feels so fitting  for my final write up of the year-

Believe. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on ourselves. All that we’ve done. All that we currently do. All that we will do. Believe In Ya Self. We out."

Oh yeah, what were we talking about? food? if you want to find out if that shit smacks, or if that shit stinks!!! then you have to watch A Hype eat a Big Mac and French Fries from Mcdonalds on the A Hype youtube channel.

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Written By Em Bishoff: twitter.com/emofc_