Dark Envy 2022 Review


Luciano Wallace known to his people as Luci, and Jarred Urey are throwing underground shows inspired by the intersection of dark punk and trap. 

“Well it originally started by me and my co partner, Jarred Urey, wanting to be able to get our art out to the community while still being able to have a good time around it. He’s a videographer, and I model and write and direct short films/music videos. After we saw how many people enjoyed coming out, we decided to move it to a little bigger scale and have some friends come out to perform and it seems the rest will write itself.”

Taking aesthetic notes from Lil Peep, Nirvana, and Plugg as a whole, DARK ENVY is quickly making a name for itself as the place to perform for local fan favorites.

Via Mike Ingram: https://www.instagram.com/mikekxzz/ 

“I’d have to say Lil Peep doesn’t have much of an influence on the artists we choose to perform, however Peep is definitely one of my biggest influences to date. I grew up most of my middle/high school years listening to peep nonstop. I’ve always been into the darker punk aesthetic even since a kid, just seems much more homely and relatable for how I've grown up and the things I've had to witness and go through to build who I am today. 

Fashion is the most important thing to my life I would have to say. I feel like once you have learned your style and are comfortable with what you wear, then it is effortless getting dressed quickly and walking out the door happy. I have a few go to pieces right now that stay in rotation like my rick owens abstract ramones and alyx x air force 1. I always have to have a pair of cargos on me, whether it’s some all black US army fatigue cargos or some Kody Philips bondage cargos. Another go-to has been the motocross jackets. I love the fit of them. Designer wise though, you can definitely bet on catching me in my favorite brands Jean Paul Gaultier, Any matthew williams designs from 1017 Alyx and Givenchy, Ann Demeulemeester, or some custom Xenization. I could go on forever about fashion and what I wear but those are the top of the list.”

via @lucianowallace on Instagram shot by bvlphotography.com

“Music and fashion are what keeps me going! I got a few different sounds in my rotation right now. some of my favorite songs rn that are on repeat are:”


Lights Off - Destroy lonely 


Double - Yeat 


It Ends Tonight - All American Rejects 


Phønk pzz- Tezzus


BCKYRD - Hot Mulligan 


Sincerely Face - BabyFace Ray 


Kross Kountry - Destroy lonely


As far as the future is concerned, Luciano and Urey are promising young promoters who plan to continue to throw incredible events. As for the future of DARK ENVY Luciano says he cannot reveal much.

“Ya know, I can’t speak too much on what we got planned because then it wouldn’t be a surprise, but signing artists is something we’re looking at and a little hint for the culture: I’d expect to see a Dark Envy party in NYC and LA soon.”






Guest Performances:






Written By Rei Low: twitter.com/_rocktimist