Cyber Fest 2022 Analysis 

Cyber Fest 2022 & its impact on underground culture not yet seen is something Zomb Slays has been excited to speak on since September 2nd. 


A few weeks ago we spoke about URL shows and their impact on creative music culture. Cyber Fest 2022 This week we’ll be discussing Cyber Fest 2022 and the unknown seeds that were planted following the event. 

Cyber Fest 2022 started off with an insanely rare set by MM Staff Curator wtrflls to kick off Block 1. Throughout the early event people moved in and out of the channels cheering for artists they have never heard of or supported their friends during their sets. This was only a taste of what was to come, Block 1 ended with Bestie Mafia and their well spoken members. 

Block 2 kicked up the sound blending with artists such as Umistyle and finished off with a set from the collective known as Seraphim. This Block was crucial for the event for many reasons. This was a big stretch of the event that many people not only were in attendance for but also witnessed many talented artists that are relatively unknown. Block 2 ended around 8PM EST and it was time to begin our night at Cyber Fest 2022.

Block 3 was filled with nothing but the craziest sets along with a crew of artists that work extremely hard among their peers. Filled with the likes of K@LE, Mikal Jones, King Marc & LORDHERERIC this was easily a section you couldn’t miss even if you wanted. Ending the night with Gossip Boys, Cyber Fest 2022 witnessed over 20+ underground artists perform, over 50+ people in and out of the discord along with 30+ people in our Twitch stream. 

Numbers wise, it was safe to say Cyber Fest 2022 was a success but underneath it all Cyber Fest felt like a true underground event. Everyone showing love from artists to supporters with people learning brand new sections of music was truly something special. Little to no technical hiccups during the event and with a run time of over 10 hours that’s easily something to be proud of. 

Cyber Fest was the example that proved the underground isn’t dead, it proved that the community is still very alive and artists always thrive in spaces with like minded individuals. Music Mondays will forever push for a new, safe underground community for new and veteran artists alike. 

Thank you to every artist that performed and everyone that attended Cyber Fest 2022, it won’t be the last Cyber Fest. 

We have one more event planned for the end of 2022 and we know you’ll enjoy it.

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