Unisono by Paraadiso


Unisono by Paraadiso

Paraadiso is a duo composed of visualist Seven Orbits and producer TSVI, and their release on the Shanghai based label, SVBKVLT, is a challenging piece of gooey, squelchy, and intense ritual music. Paraadiso is not only a group, but also an audiovisual experience; in their own words Unisono is:

"Inspired by Italian folk music, noise, ancient choral acoustic compositions, rituals and their functions, the album focuses on conveying a sense similar to those felt in ancient gatherings and ceremonies where the collective physical experience meant heightened stimulation at both the individual level and collective level."

(Photos Via: alt-o.com/Unisono) Eudaimonia describes a sense of human flourishing or happiness. Like other experimental subliminal installations from Iglooghost or the Atlanta Digital Arts Festival, Paraadiso focuses on collective Eudaimonia: unity with not only other humans, but of GAIA itself. The name is symbolic of not only unity of people, but in music theory terms, a unison chord is multiple octaves stacked on top of each other to make harmony. Their project can be understood as a kind of cybernetik ritual, combining ancient rhythms and synthetic sound design. The harmony of mankind's creation of digital technology and ecology are themes in Unisono.

Murray Bookchin’s philosophy of Social Ecology applies to the Logos of Unison. Paraadiso’s Unison is the actualization of Bookchin’s ideas, specifically blending nature and liberatory technology, to bring human society into a heightened development. Serving humans’ aesthetic needs for elevated experiences, Paraadiso uses avant-garde audiovisual experiences to analyze the dialectic of humanity vs nature. Flashes of artificial lightning and lighting interject between drone shots of awe inspiring landforms. Instead of seeing humans as an alien force invading nature itself, we are reaffirmed as a driving force for the future of our planet’s ecosystem.  

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Written By Rei Low: twitter.com/_rocktimist