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We’re back breaking barriers and shining light on new as well veteran creators but this week is a unique one. We sat down with Boolin Brenden to discuss all things fashion and underground as well as early roots in design along with much more in this MM exclusive interview.


Zomb: First things first, where are you from and how old are you? 

Brenden: I’m from a small twin right between Flint and Lansing Michigan , I just turned 24. 

Zomb: We love that, amazing to speak right around your birthday. What was it like growing up in Michigan? Tell us about your early years? 

Brenden: Growing up there was cool, I didn’t do too much. My dad kind of traveled for work though so I lived in a lot of different areas within the state.

Zomb: Traveling is always such a give and take type of vibe, What inspired you to get into designing? What was your first exposure to creativity? 

Brenden: Not staying in the same place when i was young prepared me for the outside world. I was always around art and creative stuff, my parents had me when they were young so I was exposed to their culture music/shows/etc. My mom continued to push my creative side as I got older though, told me to think about what I’d want to do with it, and my whole life we would go thrifting and stuff like that. 

Zomb: Parents are always such a pivotal factor in our lives, at what point did you decide that designing and fashion was something you wanted to pursue? 

Brenden: I always loved interior design and architecture, but when I graduated high school I decided I wanted to buy a sewing machine and really actually learn the ins and outs. I applied for a couple fashion schools out of high school but my loans were denied and I didn’t want to pay out of pocket, so I decided to just wing it. 

Zomb: I love that, so you always had inspiration for design. Where did the underground influence come in? Who are some artists you’d dedicate some inspiration to in your early years? 

Brenden: one person in the music underground that really helped me when I started was DJ Phat, he really wore my stuff and posted my drops for like 1-2 years starting out. Some Underground designers I look up to are Blazzy and my boy Matthew Harman, seeing them start out at Market [Chinatown Market] back in the day and leave to make their own brands was very inspiring. Some other music artists that have influenced and helped me out are my big bros YGADDIE [ASAP ANT] and rapper Lite Fortunato, I spent a lot of days,months with them, creating with them, working on their projects, working on mine.

Zomb: You’ve had such an illustrious history so I’m glad you touched on these moments. What are some of your favorite pieces you’ve created and been a part of? Tell us about your favorites. 

Brenden: some of my favorite things i’ve made this year are definitely the bean bag chair and end table and looking back on everything, my favorite thing I was apart of was when i worked for Collin at Symmetry Branding , the best screen printer in the game, He was really printing Marino, Sixcell and many other brands/graphics all by himself, he really showed me what hard work was 

Zomb: Actually so legendary, what inspires you these days? Tell us about your motivation in 2023 and how your process works 

Brenden: Inspiration these days is just taken from the World still, whatever is thrown at me. I’m really trying to practice sustainability in whatever I make though, I want to have a warehouse or bigger workspace within the next couple years so I can expand my production, more machines, etc.

My full time Monday-Friday job right now is sewing for Chrome Hearts, so being in their facility everyday keeps me motivated right now. I am able to see something already fully developed you could say from the inside out.

Zomb: That’s actually such an insane 9-5 you couldn’t ask for anything better to be honest, what are your plans for the summer and the rest 2023? Anything we should be on the lookout for? 

Brenden: I want to have a pop up by the end of 2023, maybe one in LA and one in NY, and i’m going to take my design structure a lot more serious and lock in. You will see more professional photoshoots and lookbooks from me soon too 

Zomb: We need the Brendan pop up 100%, tell us a bit about your current brand “hills company” how did you come up with the name and what’s your ultimate goal with hills?

Brenden: my grandma's maiden name was hill so it’s been in the family, but i wanted to move to the hills also when i was younger. I just want it to be a solid brand, have a warehouse, sponsor skaters, drop some tapes on DVD, get them bread. a lot of the products from the brand will be based upon sustainability though definitely 

Zomb: That’s honestly why I wanted to spotlight you is because I knew everything came from a genuine source. One of the last questions I had for you is what keeps you sane when you aren’t creating? What holds you down outside of art?

Brenden: i just try to rest and watch movies/listen to music, i definitely go outside into nature a lot. you have to be a little crazy to come up with a good product/result 

Zomb: One hundred percent accurate, I think you said it best my friend. One of my last questions for you is who are your top 5 designers in 2023? Who do you consider your top 5 right now? (In no particular order)

Brenden: I like kentuckyboytylers work, i like greg lauren stuff sometimes, i don’t like a lot of high fashion or anything respectfully, they need to be reconstructing/being eco or just doing some thing different. i love any designer or brand that is different/unique or has a plan for themselves

Zomb: Brendan definitely has a taste for the people, before we log off do you have any last words of motivation or shoutouts? The floor is yours.

Brenden: Take as much time as you need, trust your ideas, and follow your dreams. People will project negativity to try to slow you down or stop what you’re doing completely. Shoutout anyone learning a craft or doing what they love. 

Zomb: Extremely well said and completely agree one hundred percent. Absolutely gotta stay focused. Huge shoutout to Brendan for taking some time to sit down with us and make sure you keep your eye’s peeled for new drops in 2023!

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