DvDx - “ ♡♡" Review

In this exclusive Music Mondays article we dive into DvDx's latest project ♡♡We break down this 6 track offering along with touching on the more finer details of DvDx artistry as a whole, this is definitely a project worth putting in your headphones.


DvDx continues to update his sound and paint his world of spacey futuristic production. Dating in the post-modern world can seem like a puzzle, and the lyrics on this project are what really stand out and reflect a common experience amongst Gen Z. A while back, when Hotel by Lawsy was viral, journalists and critics coined the term Sexnb, which is an amalgamation of Pluggnb and Sex. When ericdoa’s COA dropped, critics explained how this was the blueprint for ‘digicore.’ One could draw a direct line of influence, specifically from kimj’s production on ♡♡, from COA to DvDx’s new project.

This new project is the blueprint for Sexnb. DvDx is constantly asking his followers for genre descriptions, almost in a tongue in cheek way, and someone on the anonymous question feature on Instagram answered digital RnB, which is on the surface a great descriptor. However after a few listens, these songs are really a deep dive into the constant push and pull between hookups, friendships, and relationships always present in humans, filtered through a ‘digicore’ lens, hence Sexnb. 

S12CML is a song about yearning and confusion apparent in life on the road as a musician. He knows he won’t find ‘the one’ at a show, on bumble, or at the bar. But as an artist, we find ourselves so frequently in these spaces. Desire fundamentally comes from a place of lack, and DvDx seems to know that his position as a truly up and coming artist from Atlanta gives him much to desire, whether than is success, love, and money. 

i’m a pisces is all about game. He’s on a Detroit type beat and does it justice with a crazy bar: I’m more R&R than R&B, but when it's r u up I’m off DnD. But if I don’t respond then send PNGs. Thank goodness DvD didn’t try to imitate the off beat flows Detroit rappers do because I love the melodic sense he has naturally. Also, he names drops Langston Hughes, then doubles back in case the girl he’s talking to doesn’t get the reference, which is hilarious. 

Bumble is about the unspoken agreements of modern dating apps. Quick hookup, then dip. There’s only one reason really to use dating apps, which is for an illusory and transient sense of intimacy. all the way is about the one who got away, running around Atlanta, and finding the time and willingness to give it a shot.

♡♡ is a standout track on the project. kimj and DvDx are both formidable producers, and the washed out piano sample is a really great contrast to the more digital sounds earlier in the project. There’s an interpolation from Nelly’s Country Grammar, which also was interpolated by Frank Ocean on a demo called I can Escape, played on Blonded Radio. It’s a beautiful track, and after a track like Bumble, it’s a great reminder that dating isn’t a hopeless Sysphesian affair. On the second verse, his vocals and production on them really shine. It appears as if there’s like three different features on this song, but don’t get it twisted, this is just an example of DvDx’s range. The unfortunate part of this track is I’m going to have to copy paste ♡♡ from the internet every time I want to listen. 

Real Number is a great wrap up to the project, and the portamento synth during the final verse is fantastic. I cannot recommend DvDx enough. This artist has time and time again stunned me with his level of control and intentionality in his sound. Ideally, he’ll blow up on TikTok, and the rest is history. I know he would have a simple time introducing his sound to the mainstream, while still maintaining his artistic integrity and level of storytelling. 

Stream ♡♡ Here: ffm.to/2hearts 

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Written By Rei Low: twitter.com/_rocktimist