Blood Of Aza Interview

In this long awaited exclusive Music Mondays Interview, we got the chance to sit down with Blood Of Aza. We discussed everything from their inspirations, early roots, future plans and much more. 


Rei Low: You’ve remained engaged with American pop and rap through your popular remixes. Is there a dialogue or connection you have with those communities overseas?

Aza: i listened to a lot of it growing up. like mtv n stuff like that

Rei Low: What’s the logic for picking these songs to remix or cover?

Aza: it's pretty random, sometimes i'll hear a track n decide i wanna remix it instantly

Rei Low: You’ve developed this dark, opaque sound with dynamic moments of intense power. What inspired you to follow this form?

Aza: it resonated the most with me & the things i've been processing in my music; people often misread it as satanic lol but it's not my intention to do that. 

Rei Low: What is your main reason for writing music? Is it catharsis, empowerment, or something like an innate urge?

Aza: i've been doing it since i was a child; it's both catharsis and empowerment for me; being vulnerable & releasing it feels quite powerful. 

Rei Low: We talked in the past about art school. What is your education or training in music? Does it come in use or influence your process at all?

Aza: my parents had me doing piano lessons from young; my teacher was amazing too, i think that definitely helped too. s/o her :)

Rei Low: Follow up: Do you have any favorite composers or classical pieces?

Aza: debussy is sick, and aaron copland. also che bufords stuff is sick.

Rei Low: What is your relationship to the term dark ambient? Does it feel like an apt descriptor for your music, or does it go beyond that?

Aza: i fw it, idk im quite bad at describing my own music but it makes sense. i know what influences i have i just don't really know how that culminates & what it would be labelled as, but i never really think about it when i'm making stuff

Rei Low: Who are some contemporary artists who inspire you?

Aza: drake a little bit right now, & dean blunt. 

Rei Low: What is your concept of perfection in music? Has anything stood out to you and made an impact on your sound?

Aza: probably blonde, by frank ocean.

Rei Low: Do artists like Burial or Tim Hecker influence you? To me, you’ve taken their sounds and extrapolated them in your style.

Aza: yeah i love both of their music a lot

Rei Low: How did it feel when you saw Aphex Twin play your song out?

Aza: it was so weird cause i was asleep when the videos first started getting posted lmao; i love his work sm, he's been a huge inspo to me as well :))

Rei Low: Finally, what should we anticipate from you this year? What kind of music or media are you planning?

Aza: an album very soon :) 

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