Blank Thought's March 2024 Recap

March 2024 is well underway and Music Mondays is here to shine light on a few drops you might have missed along with a few hidden gems. Staff Writer Blank Thought broke down some of his latest favorite projects, artists and much more for this month in an exclusive piece you wont want to miss.


Album I was slacking on: Ajai by Serengeti & Kenny Segal

I’ve been a big fan of Kenny Segal for a good bit now, and I’ve been slowly making my way through his discography. This, plus the needle drop in the amazing hulu show The Bear that features the dope Ajai Finale, I’ve been waiting to check out the ambitious Ajai by Serengeti & Kenny Segal. This project takes concept to a new level, with Serengeti embracing a more poetic and rambling approach to the writing while telling the story of Ajai, his girlfriend, his possessions and their relationship, this project is still one I’m wrapping my mind around. Kenny Segal is as hectic and skilled as usual, with this project jumping from instrumental to another to contribute to the chaotic energy of this record. I am going to enjoy heavily peeling back this project as I digest all that is given. 

New Album I’m really liking: And it was Beautiful by NoFace & Foule Monk

Foule Monk is not only a great producer and a dope dude, but to me, an immediate listen everytime a project drops. Add nofacerapper into the mix, and you have an early album of the year contender. Foule straddles the line between abstract & heavy. The spacy and hard to grasp melodic chops and heavy drums and knocking bass create a flurry of differnet atmospheres and feelings. It can go from braggadocious with tracks like Prescioso and then more vulnerable melodically rich cuts like COYF. Nofacerapper has been a favorite of mine since I heard his verse on Floydberg, but this album contains some of his best rapping to date. Big shoutout to both of these amazing artists, super excited for more music from them. 

Artist Spotlight: Fuzhjin

Fuzhjin, or Jin, has been an artist I first heard of in his collaboration with BearVan, 71. This was one of my favorite projects of 2022. Bear & Jin are a force of charisma & bars on this one, with Jin also handling the production. Once I had heard this absolutely incredible project, I knew I would have to listen to the rest of Jin’s catalog. This is also when I discovered the incredible GODKI! EP, which is again one of my favorites I’ve heard from an underground artist. Again handling the production, Jin creates a much more hazy and grimy soundscape on this one, with tracks like my personal favorite MI$nomer$ and FLOW $tate. Since then, he’s gone on to create Aura, RUN! with beats from yours truly & another BearFuz album called Tournament. He’s also had an impressive feature run, specifically with artists like Zim or Cystic, while also handling production for an EP with Lil Derik. Fuzhjin is also the driving force behind God Sun Generational with BearVan & Drilliam, while also being very active in the battle rap scene and more recently writing with CROWD. One of my favorite artists currently in the underground, and should be getting a lot more praise and listeners! Go check him out, his links will be attached to the article. 

Something I’ve been watching: True Detective Season 1

A true masterpiece of television that I have just recently gotten around to, this lived up to all my expectations and succeeded them. First, the things I’m sure everyone has said. Both Matthew Mcconaughey & Woody Harrelson deliver career performances, the writing is fantastic, there are plenty of quotables & its extremely well shot and directed. My recent obsession with the show however, lies in some of the more Lovecraftian aspects of the show. For those who don’t know what I mean, HP Lovecraft was a science fiction writer who influenced a very specific brand of cosmic horror, with Cosmicism being the main aspect. Granted Lovecraft was also extremely racist and paranoid, his writings live on in a major way, with A Call of Cthulu especially influencing science fiction in a massive way.  Cosmicism is the idea that humanity is just a speck in a large universe and will never be able to fully understand it in a meaningful way. This manifests in True Detective both as the lore of Caracosa and the Yellow King, which are both references to Lovecraft’s works, and some of the more existential themes expressed by Mcconaughey’s character Rust Cohle. It also manifests in the Lousiana Country and the uncanny feeling of a society so far away from the rest of the world, and uses that to create unease and fantastic cinematography. This show does so much to enthrall the viewer and once they have you they don’t let go. The overall cast besides the two mains also shine in every interaction, and the atmosphere of this show is tangible. One of the greatest pieces of art I’ve ever seen, and a must watch for anyone who hasn’t seen it. 

That’ll be all for this month, but next month we will be coming with one more addition. Have a good month everyone!

Written By Blank Thought: