Kris Russ Interview

Louisiana based artist Kris Russ has been making a statement with thier alternative sound in 2024. We got the chance to sit down with this talented creative to discuss everything from early roots, influences and plans for the rest of the year.


Kris Russ is a rising singer/songwriter based in Louisiana. Although we plan to do a bigger piece with Kris, I got to sit down with Kris and ask some of the base questions we want to know about every artist. 

JAYD3D: Who is Kris Russ and where are you from?

Kris: Me, myself, and I are from sunny San Diego my friend. I have no clue who or what Kris Russ is. I'm a variant of different people to a multitude of individuals that choose how they want to perceive their own reality. 

JAYD3D: Your sound captivated me at our show together. What are your main influences? 

Kris: My main influences range from Staind, Secondhand Serenade, Novo Amor and a few other places. I've never been one that stays inside one box more than the other though, it's always fun to play with different melodies and just go for it.

JAYD3D: There is a big difference in style from your first EP to your second EP. Would you care to explain the difference in production techniques when doing those?

Kris: Well, my first EP was professionally done during a time where I was still finding my sound and unfortunately some people just grew apart and me and that producer aren't on the best of terms for now, maybe that'll change after an enlightened conversation maybe it won't.  Yet, that led me to my second EP that I recorded in my apartment with a jankie little scarlette setup and the mic it came with. Then I reached out to my guys at GREEN TEA STUDIOS out of LA and they did the mix and mastering for me. The stories from both are kinda similar talking about heartbreak and yada yada but a lot of people prefer the song writing off the meadows and the production off hunting season. 

JAYD3D: What do you want your art to stand for?

Kris: My art stands for the people. My craft doesn't sit in an easy part of the ego because I like to challenge people to look at themselves the way they are seen rather than the way they perceive their situations. Come to light, find yourself, break down, be a mess, that's all I want people to gain from what I do. It's okay to fuck up, mess up, and have to start over, and it's okay to be the bad guy.  Just as long as you're seeing things through and trying to fix what's been done then you're fine.  No one deserves to be chastised or segregated by their mistakes, race, or any of that as long as you're trying to do your best at getting better.

JAYD3D: What is in store for you? What do you have in the works right now?

Kris: The things that are in store for me are up to the universe to decide. I'm not big on the higher power thing but there's something that speaks to us and gives us these blessings so whatever happens happens.  As an exclusive gift though I've been hinting at it but I'll just state this here..... I'm dropping a single on June 28th and the EP is titled, "A Consequence to the Human Condition."

JAYD3D: I just want to thank you for this opportunity and keep up the good work.

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