Em Beihold 2024 Press Conference

In an exclusive press conference hosted by 1824, we got the chance to speak with Em Beihold. We discussed everything from their roots, recent releases and upcoming plans for 2024. 


Em Beihold is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, CA, who began her musical career in 2017 with a self-released EP titled ‘Infrared’. Over the next several years, Beihold maintained a fairly low profile, releasing a string of singles to positive fan reception and a growing TikTok fanbase, before signing with Republic Records in 2021 after the commercial and critical success of her single ‘Groundhog Day’. After completing her college education at the University of California–San Diego, the artist released her major-label debut in 2022, an EP titled ‘Egg In The Backseat’, garnering significant media attention as well as finding her most commercial success yet with the deeply personal track ‘Numb Little Bug’. Since the release of her latest EP, Beihold has gone on to release even more successful singles (the most recent being the very catchy ‘Maybe Life Is Good’) and began touring with the likes of AJR and even the Jonas Brothers, capturing a new fanbase with her unique brand of “quirky” pop while setting the foundation for the next steps in her career. Music Mondays had the chance to speak with her in early February about how she plans to develop her artistry throughout the next phases of her career.

xoarctic: As you continue dropping singles, including ‘Maybe Life Is Good’, I was curious to know what we can expect from your next album or EP, both in subject matter and the general sound of it. [Are you] continuing to develop that quirky pop sound or branching out?

Em Beihold: I think… continue down the ‘quirky pop’ lane, maybe a little bit of singer-songwriter. I feel like I’m just now getting into a good writing flow, so I don’t really have an answer per se as to like, “This is what it’s going to be!” I think I’m still finding out, but I’m very excited by that process– you can expect, like, the stark honesty that’s been the theme.

‘Maybe Life Is Good’ released in February to critical acclaim, and Beihold has embarked on a nationwide tour in promotion of the single. Her brand of pop is uniquely personal while retaining a fun, youthful sensibility and a refreshing level of optimism that art across all disciplines has lacked in recent years, and I look forward to seeing her develop that style even further with the resources of a major label behind her. For any new listeners, I highly recommend the song ‘Numb Little Bug’, which explores themes of apathy and anxiety throughout Beihold’s adjustment to her SSRI medication.

Em Beihold’s discography is available to stream and/or buy through all major DSPs and online music retailers.

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Written By xoarctic: twitter.com/xoxoarctic