5 Releases From Women In Pop Music That Definitely Went Under Your Radar

Music Mondays Staff Writer Konbini took to the pen and compiled a list of 5 tracks from women in pop music you might have missed. Don't miss this exclusive breakdown of some of springs finest releases.


veronica bianqui - If Love's A Gun, I'm Better Off Dead: March 8th 2024

“If loves a gun, you’re my trigger babe, If loves a gun I’m better off dead”

A throwback artist with a penchant for 1960s guitar groves, but the star attraction here is all in the vocal delivery and voice. A gorgeous voice, smooth in thes right places and with a raspy inflection that just screams fun. For an artist that isn’t already established there is a presence on the track. I love how the vocals veer right when you expect them to go left, I love the ebbs and flows of the pacing. If you like old school rock but you need something new this is it. I was lucky to come across this on Tiktok via Veronica herself promoting the record, I was sure I had heard it before so I looked up the lyrics and was stunned to find that this is an original song and not a cover. I really believe that tracks like this going under the radar are an absolute crime. There's nothing I enjoy quite like a song that exercises building and releasing tension with ease. This song would be right at home in a sophia coppola movie, I wish we could go back in time and make Sophia Copolla put this in her version of Marie Antoinette. 

Ashley Iman- Hot Topic: Feb 22nd 2024

Early 00’s meets late 90’s R&B. The chops in the intro pulled me in straight away, letting me know this is on the pulse for current tastes but as the song progresses it becomes equal parts modern and classic R&B in style. On this track Ashley sings and raps equally proficient and delivers styles that are instantly recognisable,giving a feeling like she’s both the pop artist, and rap artist, on a pop artist rap feature track. A complete vibe. Earthy and soulful in sound but light and carefree in lyrics. It’s giving it girl, its giving big city luxury apartment, its giving the c*ntiest tranquillity possible. Not to diminish this track's seductive and hypnotising power, it is subtle and chilled out. If you’re not a bratz baby- but out this ones for us! 

Erica Jean - Chipped Pink Fingernails: April 26th 2024

Have you ever wondered to yourself? Is anyone actually happy? This girl is. 

Forget mom’s spaghetti, we're talking lasagne down the blouse, telling bees to buzz off and just for today we’re not letting anything get us down. If you don’t like cheerful, bold and daring- avoid. Quintessential springtime music I think. Here’s one you can play in the car with your family and they’re going to remark “oh how nice” instead of the usual “shut that sh*t off”. The original composition is understated and simple but effective. The world would be a better place if we all listened to this. It’s a lovely long for lovely people.

Anna Marx - Bruises: TBA

Talented singer songwriter and producer Anna Marx from The Netherlands delivers Bruises in a breathy, airy and ethereal performance. Lyrics have no lack of drama, simple stripped back beats that allow Anna’s voice to reverberate with plenty of room to bloom and sink bank into the beat. I really enjoy her delicate but effective use of percussion as well as the bold separate sections. I enjoy how she places her vocal and how her hint of an accent works with her voice which makes for a unique delivery with plenty of charm . “I know that you miss me when you’re alone, Baby you’re so pretty my pride’s on the floor” Anna tells the timeless story of unrequited love soft and sweetly. Right now this song is unreleased, follow Anna Marx on tiktok for future updates, but in the meanwhile definitely check out some of her other singles like “Just Breathe” “I know you talk in your sleep”. 

Lilla Shy-  Lonely March 15th

Lilla Shy is a vibrant and unconventional developing artist from Italy whose single “Lonely” just recently featured on BBC introducing. This song is a touching offering, it's about being surrounded by people and feeling lonely at the same time, something most people and especially entertainers can relate to. Lilla has a cute and sweet voice that packs a lot of power, interesting melodies and a genuine ability to build a picture in the listeners mind.

Written By Konbini2004: twitter.com/K0nbin1