Spring 2023 Preview

In this exclusive Music Mondays article we’ll be breaking down what’s coming to MM in the spring months of 2023 including writing content, YouTube updates and the staples you enjoy the most.


Kicking off March you can expect our usual weekly and monthly content mixed in with some brand new announcements. We’ll be coming in hot with In Case You Missed It Monthly: February 2023 Edition followed up by brand new exclusive MM written interviews and reviews on this very homepage. 

Outside of writing our YouTube will continue to upload 2 videos a week including brand new editions of our exclusive video series such as Feature Friday, Workshop Wednesday, The Breakdown and Behind The Merch. Our staff is expanding into tutorial content for creators such as producers, graphic designers and much more so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for new announcements for our YouTube channel. 

The Music Mondays Podcast will continue to be the most consistent underground podcast on planet earth. We’re live every Monday on twitch.tv/ZombPlays at 7PM Eastern Standard Time. You’ll see guests come on from time to time but the podcast is fully dedicated to the community and their submissions to get spotlighted. 

Music Mondays is also open for recruiting, we’re on the hunt for creatives to join our staff team and continue to build the MM platform. If you’re a creative person with skills in writing, designing, curation, content creation and underground enthusiasm feel free to send us a pitch via our email or send us a message on social media.

We have many events planned for the upcoming Spring 2023 season we can’t reveal yet, but the staff team is working hard to bring a few events to life for the community. We genuinely appreciate everyone that has been supporting Music Mondays. We are nothing without you and we will continue to bring you the best underground independent content while providing an environment for all artists to flourish.

Stay tuned for Spring 2023.

Written By Zomb Slays: linktr.ee/ZombSlays