5 Underground Artists You Haven't Heard Of 

In this exclusive Music Mondays article we dive into 5 underground artists you you should tap into. Written by MM Staff Writer & Producer Blank Thought, this is an interesting five you cant miss.


When writing a list like this there are so many people that could be on it. There are a lot of talented artists around me and this will not be the last list of its kind as I’d like to highlight more as we go. I will start by saying that I am obviously biased in my selections and these 5 just happen to be people I know and collaborate with frequently. However, a common denominator here is I genuinely listen to everyone here, and wanted to share my love for their music!

Without further ado,

5 artists you might have heard of!


MXSA is one of underground rap’s best kept secrets at the moment. True versatility and ability are MXSA’s strong suits, with a high level of skill showcased as he switches flows & cadences. MXSA has shown out on features and his own solo work, with BAD HABITS DIE $lOW being a high point so far. Though he doesn’t have many projects, a string of fantastic singles over the last couple years has kept him in the cultural zeitgeist of the underground. One of the things that makes me so confident though is that MXSA has so much potential to make new music and expand as an artist. His small discography is an exciting prospect for those of you looking to watch an artist grow and prosper from the beginning. MXSA is one of the most personable artists in the underground & will go on to do amazing things in so many different sub-g


Fuzhjin is a name that rings bells in certain circles underground, but not nearly enough. Fuzhjin is not only a producer, battle rapper, engineer, label owner & artist in his own right, but someone who knows how to put together a great project. His work with fellow labelmate BearVan is nearly impossible not to bring up, as 71 is one of my favorite underground projects ever. However, my personal highlight would be the EP, GODKI!, which is a trip into a darker and more subliminal state of mind with MI$nomer being the stand out. Jin’s lyricism is something rarely found among newer artists, with every line packing a punch both lyrically and thematically. With Fuzhjin not only is there a lot of great rapping from him to check out, but from his label mates and production who keep that high standard that God Sun Generational stands for. 

Jesse the Tree 

Jesse the Tree is someone who came on to my radar while I was living in the northeast, and while I enjoyed his music a lot, sleepingdogs & specifically the project faking my own death just to get some rest. This almost completely rewired what I was looking for and making in my own right, with the tired yet accomplished sound of this project soundtracking my own summer. Jesse is often witty and calm, but with Andrew’s incredibly laid back production, both artists flourish. It sounds like they were made to work with each other, and I for one couldn’t be happier we got this project & it’s follow up earlier this year. Outside of his recent work with Andrew, Pigeon Man is absolutely incredible. A Strange Famous Records release that is an incredible introduction to Jesse’s style & sound. It’s even easier for me to write all this about his music because Jesse is also one of the nicest people I’ve met outside of music. I’d highly recommend next time you’re tired and need a pick me up, go check out Jesse’s catalog!


Mashoni is for my money one of the most underrated artists in the underground hip hop scene. A producer that could make damn near any beat or sound you can think of, and do it well. With his work on On Death’s Door or his upcoming project with Maximus, Mashoni’s atmospheric production lends well to creating a backbone for a great track. Creating a sound that's in between traditional hip hop and more underground flavors, many of his best beats have a unique atmosphere that many try and emulate, but few can do. I’ve definitely had the privilege to have heard some of Mashoni’s upcoming music and I’m beyond excited for it to finally come out. He would probably hate that I said this as well, but Mashoni is also an extremely capable rapper. As of right now, Mashoni’s only rapping is on a track of mine called Dutch Tilt, but as these tracks come out you’ll see what I’ve come to find out. Mashoni is one of the best and most consistent artists working in the underground and I implore you to go check him out

Sacco and Vanzetti (Sko)

For those who know, you already know. Sko & the Shah are a monstrous duo that have teamed up to make multiple great albums that push thematic boundaries as well as having some downright fantastic projects. Whether its It’s not Paranoia if they’re really out to get you, Battery or their upcoming double album, you can bet when you listen to a new Sacco and Vanzetti project youre gonna get hard hitting bars with head nodding beats. Sko is an mc few could hope to be, with every punchline being felt and not a word wasted, he’s really able to capture a listeners attention. This along with his clear skill and interesting subject matter, Sko thrives as the MC who could make a 2 minute song or a 4 minute song and hold your attention the whole time. The Shah’s beats are smooth and punchy, with a perfect backdrop for Sko’s passionate writing. I really love the hard hitting nature of his production, but also a willingness to go slower and really drive a point home. These two are phenomenal musicians on their own, but together they form a team that creates great project after great project. With their new double album releasing soon, I hope that this drives some more attention to these amazing artists and their great work over the last couple years.

Written By Blank Thought: linktr.ee/b1ankthought