The Making Of Outstanding Gentleman

Crafting and creating a full length project can be overwhelming and satisfying at the same time. Music Mondays Staff Writer JAYD3D! breaks down what the process is like for creating a full length project for an underground independent artist in all of its glory.


 In October of 2023, I decided to finally do it. After 6 years of almost constantly releasing music, I decided to make an album, creavitivly directed by myself. In this article I wanted to touch on a number of topic about making this album in an attempt to help listeners and other artists understand what making an album as an independent musician was like for me. 

 When creating a theme and title, I went through a few different ideas, but fortunately, the one that stuck the best was "Outstanding Gentleman" for representing what I want to be. Since I wanted the albums theme to be about self improvement, which has been a huge focus of mine for years, this title felt like "the one".  Creating a sound that was unique to not only my music but the theme of the album was a battle. I wanted the design to have otherworldly sounds, so outsourcing beats was not the go to. There were a few producers that I knew could do what I wanted, but I knew I had to create some new sounds to use as well. Writing the content for these songs ended up being my strong point, in my view. I knew exactly the subjects I wanted to talk about, and the story I wanted to tell. It felt perfectly timed in a way. Without revealing too much, aliens, battles, love, pain, and some nice punchlines.

 In the past, I've had the fortune of being able to create projects with others, which in turn gave up some of my creative integrity to allow both creators to have space to create. Within "Outstanding Gentleman" though, the listener will be subject to only my vision. This allowed me to create one of the most thought provoking and enjoyable listening experiences to date. Five months of thoughts and art wrapped into twelve tracks, almost forty minutes of music in the form of punk and hip hop. My hope is that this album helps listeners feel alive and unafraid to be themselves. Thank you for your time, whether you read this or listen to the album or both. "Outstanding Gentleman" releases everywhere on April 20th.

Written By JAYD3D!: