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In this exclusive Music Mondays Interview we sat down with Australian artist Neir. We dove into their process behind their EP "Hollow Point", Inspirations and much more in this conversation.


Rei: What was the process behind writing Hollow Point? Was it something that came together naturally or did you have a concept in mind?

Neir: Writing Hollow Point was a bit of a weird one cause its was so there and not at the same time, if that makes sense? Around early 2022 was when the concept of an ep first came into my mind but from that time to now I've learnt so much as a producer and a lot of life just happened, because of that the project changed a lot. It got to a point that i felt it was never going to be finished, I won’t lie still feels weird knowing people have heard the singles haha. But in the end it came together naturally as kinda love letter to the sounds i adore and an introduction of me as producer. Like something you could point at and be look this is Neir.

Rei: We’ve talked in the past about your parents' taste in music influencing your listening habits. How did growing up in that household affect your music?

Neir: Definitely a decent bit, I remember just growing up listening to acts like Oribital (Dads fav), The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Old Chillout Session CDs, Groove Armada plus just a bunch of random stuff I'm probably forgetting. I was very nostalgic for that time. I feel like it can be heard in my music and visuals but there's just a certain energy for 90s to 2000.I love it's cliche but hey its a vibe. Will also say at the time as a kid a friend put me onto Madeon’s 2015 album adventure instantly hooked that and those launchpad videos lmaoo. Big influence!

Rei: On the track Mint, I feel like I’m listening to a supersaturated Garden of Delete track. Has Oneohtrix Point Never had a big influence on your sound? 

Neir: 100% that album probably my fav from him, tracks like Ezra, I Bite Through It, Animals and No Good. big influence alot that glitch sound in that project has influenced tracks like Mint, Void Out and Point Never. Very much on the last song if its isn’t obvious haha.

Rei: Also, any thoughts on the new Eprom sounds? I feel like you're drawing some ideas from there as well. 

Neir: Another artist I adore/big influence on, has been Syntheism ever since it dropped. But yeah defo love his work, finding about AIKON back in 2019 just blew my mind on what bass music could be and was influenced when writing this project.

Rei: You often use atypical sampling techniques like resampling entire sections of tracks and editing them. What strengths does this offer producers looking to expand their toolkit?

Neir: Honestly it's kinda stupid BUT how I see it is with the tech we have there's no limit really, like obvious you can get to a point where it's just noise or the software crashes but with what we got why not? Fuck it crank too whatever who cares experiment! That's what appeals to me as an artist and with music production is that there is no limit other than you, when I write my music either about me now or trying to dip into the energy of being a shit head teenager. But yeah big recommendation on resampling entire sections, Mint came around from me heavily chopping up an old demo.

Rei: How has teaching lessons helped you write and produce music?

Neir: A little bit would say it helped in understanding ableton alot more, when you're teaching music production it forces you to really explain certain devices where stuff is located etc. s/o the ppl who have done lessons with me! 

Rei: What are your future plans with HeavenSight?

Neir: Blow up and act like we don't know anybody. Serious response though eventually me and alparr right now are quite busy with respected solo work but it's always something in the back of our minds, but who knows maybe a Heaven Sight ep this year or next will see.


Rei: What are some of the emotional or real life inspirations for these songs?

Neir: On the project as a whole the inspiration and emotions kinda comes back to being a kid or teenager listening to electronic music and just feeling amped that, that and also visualizing the future in a cyberpunk-esc future, thinking back to when i was younger and getting hyped looking video games and movies.


Rei: Do you see yourself as a technically minded producer or more of an emotional intuitive one?

Neir: A bit of both but mostly technically like how I write. I'm going after a feeling but I will also spend alot of time just chopping and heavy editing sounds. Like the intention is emotion but the execution is a lot more technical heavy!

Rei: What advice or sauce can you spill for new producers?

Neir: Don’t feel scared to do whatever when doing sound design i.e. a bunch of effects, weird routing, bunch of distortion cause you can always mixdown the results once you're done. That and also make sure you give yourself time to just experience life. As much as it's fun being a gremlin not leaving the house, sometimes it can get you in a creative rut.

Rei: Also I’ve noticed you’re a big manga and anime fan, what are some that are inspiring you at the moment?

Neir: “Blame!” All the visuals from that manga are just stunning, “Death Stranding” named “Void Out” after it but recently just finished it again and just love the vibe of that game, and final one is dune haha i know everyone and there mum talking about it but i just love those films.

Rei: Finally, as a graphic artist, do you find your art style to be in congruence with your music production? 

Neir: Of course! i would say a lot of my art is reactive to my music, both defo live in the same “world”

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