Fall 2023 Preview

In this exclusive Music Mondays article we preview what’s to come on our platform in Fall 2023 and beyond. 


Fall 2023 is ramping up to be one of the most content-filled seasons for Music Mondays. Summer was amazing and easily the best one yet for MM but we’re excited to show you what’s to come for Fall 2023. Kicking off Fall 2023 we’re getting caught up on In Case You Missed It Monthly for July and August. You can expect the June edition a week after this article is published. You can also send a message to any one of our writers on Music Mondays for more information on articles and being featured on our homepage. 

We recently picked up a new designer on our staff team by the name of KyokosGarden and along with the rest of the MM staff team we’ll be revamping a few of our content pieces. Essentially we’re taking MM to the next level with our aesthetics and we’re very excited to roll out our new designs and formats. Everything will stay the same but we wanted more of an aesthetically pleasing look for MM.

Cyber Fest 2 has been a massive hump in planning but we’re slowly making progress. I mentioned on the MM Podcast that Cyber Fest 1 was very successful and we’re aiming to at least match the same energy we did last year. More details to come on Cyber Fest 2 this Fall. 

We have so much more smaller scale content to bring you all throughout Fall, everything from new YouTube uploads, returning segments and more exclusive tracks premiering on our Soundcloud. Fall 2023 will be one for the ages and make sure you follow us on all platforms to stay updated with all of our future content.

Written By Zomb Slays: linktr.ee/ZombSlays