An Introduction To Ambient Birdd

Ambient Birdd is an east coast producer, visual artist and tastemaker who’s name echoes the music underground scene particularly in Dark Trap but also with his screwed n chopped influenced remixes and instrumental pieces that utilise fascinating vocal chops. 


Ambient Bird is also known well for his visual art and physical releases. Ambient Bird boasts an impressive portfolio of designs and physical releases for not only himself but has designed cover art for established artists Cartier God and Black Kray. Ambient Birdd’s discography began six years ago and is a well curated selection of soulful work across the underground scene. Ambient Bird delivers an avant garde collage of tastes in a palatable way that is both current and also has the essential hauntological qualities you want and expect from the dark cover art.  Ambient Birdd has formed long-standing meaningful connections with several others who have continued to consistently drop polished gems. I highly recommend Vamp 111which features Battlewornangel which showcases some of, in my opinion, Ambient’s best qualities: it's heartfelt, warm and yearning while never lacking depth or atmosphere. Ambient showcases his impressive sample chops and layering techniques consistently but he continues to find infinite new combinations to apply his techniques.

Ambient Birdd has collections that have been evolving and growing since the beginning of his career namely the experimental “Prayer” series and the Dark Trap/Phonk  “Vamp/Vampire” series. The “Vamp" series consists of 12 tracks which start with Vamp1 in 2020 and has recently concluded (for now) in the most recent aforementioned track vamp 111 and the collection only appears to be growing and shifting over time. Somewhere in the midst of the vamp collection is a simply delightful remixing of a Lil B song “Texas” which Ambient Birdd has dubbed “Vampires in Texas' ' which definitely deserves a mention. The “Prayer” series latest instalment “Prayer from you” dropped just two months ago and features a lamenting tiktoker sampled over a droning chorus of dark sultry chants while “prayer for v” and “prayer for constance” are more upbeat and feature a russian roulette of layered and ever shifting vocal samples.

Ambient’s 2023 4 track project 11:11 with Osoroshii Tenshi is an avant garde meets dark trap masterpiece, if i tried to concisely explain this tape i would be certainly underselling it. It defies explanation but it just works. 11:11 is simply put, tasteful, exciting and fresh as hell. 11:11 features Osoroshi Tenshi’s soft breathy vocals and rich instrumentals that are anything but cliche- a completely unique and original work. There is a semblance to Bjork’s Homogenic (especially Lilith and world end epilogue) but only in style as the artistry and production demonstrated come together with a more dark trap and occult feel. The execution boasts modern 2020’s upgrades and feels right at home in the underground scenes of Alternative Rap and Dark Trap. It has to be heard to be felt and I think you would be missing out to not give the project in its entirety a go. Or Fucked Up is another track I cannot emphasise enough needs a listen. Both songs I believe are great introductions to the stylings of Ambient Birdd discography.

Ambient pulls samples from a diverse range of sources but they remarkably emanate the same spirit that draws introspection from unexpected places. It’s not even about what samples are used, it's the way in which they are used that is remarkable. If you enjoy the experimental dark trap side of the multi-faceted Ambient Birdd’s you will thoroughly enjoy his tracks on dismiss yourself [2023] dior bird - blank haze and if you’re a fan of his more avant garde works i would also recommend checking out  [2021] blood thinner, dark - Leeches both of which are available as physical releases available for purchase on cassette here and here.

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