Euro5tar - "20's" Review

In this exclusive Music Mondays article we break down one of the latest singles from Switzerland artist Euro5tar. Diving into everything that makes an alternative track impactful along with everything in between.


Era revivalism can become quickly stale, especially when the revivalist era lasts nearly three years, as was the case with the most recent 80s boom. You may or may not know that it’s almost always much lesser acknowledged artists and songs that spark these trends to begin with, typically made with infinitely more tact than your average pop star hopping on the trend years later for a lifeless TikTok hit too. I do not know if you have noticed, but there has been a recent rise in the use of 2010’s sounds as a heavy influence across basically every corner of the scene right now. From gabby start’s pop music, to Musa’s self-produced cover of ‘TikTok’ by Kesha, fronted by their incredible voice that has always reminded me a bit of the lead singer of Mayday Parade, and then there is ever-prolific Dani Kiyoko who just graced us this past week with ‘Welcome to the Party’, a fifteen track tape with so many of her best songs to date. Today I wanted to focus on a song called “20’s”, an eclectic new single from Switzerland’s Euro5tar made complete with production from yungspoiler

The track’s intro is as inspiring as a Euro5tar song can be, opening with Euro singing the chorus before ihopeyouh8this fades in quickly to say, “euro keep doing you euro 5 star shit only you gon’ keep leading, you gon’ keep showing this boys how to walk how to talk”, before Euro5tar starts the song off with the words “buy a brick of hash and flip it for the double, suit on when I pick up you know I stay subtle”. Mid-2010s acoustic guitar backed songs definitely ring as an influence on this song, but it feels equally built off of his past songs giving it a really singular focused sound in my opinion. Euro5tar’s songs are really special, to me it feels like he balances simplicity and substance like no other. For example because of an insanely catchy retrospective chorus and relatively simple but incredible instrumental. “20’s” 2 minute 40 second run time goes by in a moment, but if you actually listen you’d know Euro has a lot to say on a song like this. In the middle of the track, right after the hook, the highlight of the song starts with this bridge, 

“How much longer can I go for? 

Can I go for?

For my beliefs and my values I will go war

I don’t want to have to work baby no more

For my beliefs and my values I will go war

Don’t want ring the bell 

I’m not needing help

But there’s times I don’t even know to trust myself

I hate every single track, I can’t trust myself

Buy a brick make it back

Hate to ask for help”

The chorus also reads

 “Don’t know how many

Don’t know how many

I done did plenty

Can’t save a penny

I smoked my whole twenties

I smoked all my twenties away

Hunnids and fifties

I smoked all my twenties away”

And my favorite lyric is 

“I forgot my childhood

I don’t know what’s next up

I don’t even trust it when they say I’m next up

I don’t even trust it

I don’t even trust them”

There is really just not a single second in this song that isn’t as uniquely enjoyable as the last one.

What I’m trying to drive home with this is that, when it comes to music, some of the best 2010’s influence is already coming out, and you are doing yourself a bit of a disservice if you at all like any genre of 2010s music, and aren’t looking for new artists trying to do their own thing to those sounds, because some of this art is gonna change the world and the creators deserve their flowers. On “20’s” Euro5tar managed to make a song feel both nostalgic, and brand new, and he and yungspoiler made it feel so effortless, making for just completely inspiring music.

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