Red Wizxrd - "When I Die Put My Head On A Stake" Review

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to art and Red Wizxrd is exactly that.  In this exclusive Music Mondays Review we broke down their latest project "When I Die Put My Head On A Stake" and what makes this project so special. 


This project starts with some of the most creative compositions to reach my ears in such a long time. Red Wizxrd walks us through his past and present life while airing out their true feelings about the pains that life brings. Then halfway through track 1 we are met with a change of pace as Wizxrd switches production to a heavier style.

Entering track 2 and continuing through, the album is mostly heavy beats and hard bars, but with the constant bending from reality and the shifting of our minds that so often happens in such a dark world.

With some amazing collaborations, this album makes sure that you understand that the title is much more than just that. "When I Die Put My Head On A Stake" is an absolute masterpiece that easily brings any Hip Hop fan into the world of darker Trap and Horrorcore by indulging in the boasting styles that are usual while also defining self hatred so much within the project.

This album is complemented by Red Wizxrds amazing growth in production and engineering, using vocal cuts, glitching, hard drops and so much more.

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Written By JAYD3D: