Summer 2023 Preview

In this exclusive Music Mondays article, we broke down all the events so far of Summer 2023, what’s to come next on MM for August 2023, and much more.

Summer 2023 has been one for the memory books, everything from the podcast to our playlist’s have been insanely well received. We kicked off Summer 2023 with a brand new episode of Feature Friday with Jordan Andrew aka s.l.m and without a doubt turned out to be one of the best episodes of Feature Friday.

Music Mondays staff writer Rei Low kicked off July with a wonderful stack of releases.  Rei got the chance to sit down with gum.mp3 and discussed everything from early roots, influences and much more. Following that historic interview for Music Mondays, Rei released an exclusive unreleased track on our Soundcloud titled “Starlight” featuring vocalist Innate. July stacked on with exclusive written pieces from LORDHERETIC, Em Bishoff, and Zomb Slays. We filled in the gaps with exclusive unreleased tracks from Zim, hibradn and FLTR. That brings us to the start of August 2023 and what’s to come on Music Mondays for the rest of the summer. 

We kicked off August with the premiere of our brand new exclusive playlist titled “Across The Pond'' hosted by MM Staff Designer Aestxr. What’s coming in the future is yet to be announced or discussed. We’re planning the rest of August to be stacked with your usual weekly and monthly drops. Some of your usual favorites like Feature Friday, Workshop Wednesday and The Breakdown will all be returning to our YouTube channel. You can also expect the announcement of brand new YouTube segments including staff videos, tutorials and much more we’re very excited to show you. 

In Case You Missed It Monthly will be rolling out accordingly, expect June and July editions to be hitting our homepages along with social media. The final major project the MM Staff team is working on behind the scenes is Cyber Fest 2. We’re slowly working on the lineup as well as more technical details on how our second ever URL festival will be operated. 

Expect major details soon along with a Fall 2023 preview

Written By Zomb Slays: