blackwinterwells - "its a beautiful day" Review

In this exclusive Music Mondays article we take a dive into classic underground sounds and break down blackwinterwells latest track "its a beautiful day". Everything from finer details to overall thoughts, this is a review you wont want to miss.


This week blessed us with ‘its a beautiful day +kuru’, a truly beautiful new track from blackwinterwells. One of my favorite artists for the past 3+ years and I just have a few thoughts about it today. In the past some of my favorite songs of hers have been the sad, heart wrenching ones, the ones that got me through some really insane times- of which there are many. Blackwinterwells has always proven herself to be incredibly versatile though, which is an aspect of her art that I’ve always been really inspired by. While this isn’t something that needs proving in any way, I do think she’s kind of outdone herself in this aspect with ‘its a beautiful day’, as this track sees her and kuru putting their all into their take on the current zeitgeist of the underground music scene propagated in part by 1c and 1c adjacent artists, something kuru is not new to. 

Her production on this song is genuinely awe-inspiring, there are more than a handful of things I love about it, from the piano intro that gets laced within the rest of the instrumental, to kuru’s flow on the beat, and blackwinterwells saying “it’s attack of the clones I’m sick”, and the fact that every bar on the track is just real as hell. From “says F on my passport but I’m still him” to kuru saying “he a little ass boy I don’t pay no mind, like I ain’t finna sell no feat so don’t waste my time”. The song is really good, but it did have me thinking about oversaturation, something more and more people have been talking about in reference to this specific sound.

This may be an obvious fact to you, but for some reason the thought had just came to my mind after hearing this song, and I never really had thought about this before. Oversaturation of a sound only really matters, or becomes a bothersome thing when people start making bad music with a particular sound. You can have the most oversaturated sound, but like Skrillex making a Jersey Club beat will always go crazy. 

That sums up my thoughts around ‘its a beautiful day’ and this is now my favorite blackwinterwells song in recent memory, both her and kuru really killed that. It makes me so happy to see what everyone has been creating in the community lately.

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